Why Families of Missing Women Often Must Lead the Search Themselves

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The media was fascinated with the disappearance of Gabrielle Petito. But the families of galore women who spell missing, particularly women of color, conflict for attention.

Enrique Gonzalez has been handing retired  fliers with accusation  astir  his daughter, Victoria Gonzalez, 13, who has been missing since earlier this month.
Credit...Scott McIntyre for The New York Times

Sept. 30, 2021, 4:50 p.m. ET

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. — Enrique Gonzalez has go a acquainted fixture extracurricular the Publix supermarket successful North Miami, wherever helium stops by each evening with a stack of missing idiosyncratic fliers emblazoned with his 13-year-old daughter’s photograph.

He jumps into enactment erstwhile helium sees idiosyncratic young, oregon a genitor who mightiness empathize, connected the disconnected accidental that immoderate alien whitethorn person seen his girl Victoria. The eighth grader has been missing since Sept. 17.

“I’m praying for you, man,” 1 shopper told him arsenic helium took a bully look astatine the poster.

The nation’s caller fascination with each item of the lawsuit of Gabrielle Petito, who went missing and was aboriginal recovered dormant successful Wyoming, has raised caller questions astir the tens of thousands of women and girls — galore of them of Black, Latina oregon Indigenous — who are reported missing each twelvemonth and spell unnoticed. Some of them are presumed dormant oregon trafficked. Many are chronic runaways, who often are not priorities for the police. And astir of them stock an unwelcome trait: dissimilar Ms. Petito, who cautiously chronicled a roadworthy travel with her fellow online, fewer radical person ever heard of them, raising uncomfortable questions astir whose cases get publicized and investigated and whose are mostly ignored.

Without media coverage, and the constabulary resources that usually follow, it often falls to families to hunt for their loved ones. More than a 3rd of the women and girls reported missing past twelvemonth successful the United States were Black, and the deficiency of attraction to their cases has prompted immoderate radical to make organizations and websites dedicated to sharing posters of each missing pistillate of color, 1 by one, until they are found.

The constabulary accidental they instrumentality each missing persons study seriously, but a ample fig of cases impact girls oregon women who person deliberately disappeared and bash not privation to beryllium found. They besides accidental they often enactment months connected a lawsuit successful ways that are invisible to families.

But visibility is what galore families are seeking most.

“The quality stations publicize what is much important successful presumption of ratings. What gets bully ratings?” Mr. Gonzalez said.



Mr. Gonzalez’s daughter, a biracial Latina, was past seen astatine schoolhouse 2 weeks ago. Her household learned that she had been communicating with strangers connected big dating apps nether the sanction “Hennessy.” Her household has received hard-to-trace messages connected Instagram that accidental she was being forced into prostitution successful Miami Beach. A information defender thought helium saw her successful an bare flat gathering successful North Miami, astir 13 miles from her location successful Miramar, and truthful Mr. Gonzalez has focused his hunt there.

“I’m not getting immoderate sleep, due to the fact that I’m wondering: ‘Did idiosyncratic wounded her?’” helium said.

Like galore missing teenagers, Victoria has near location before, but ne'er for much than a day, her begetter said. Tania Rues, a spokeswoman for the Miramar Police Department, said detectives person scoured respective neighborhoods successful hunt of her.

“We are retired determination trying to bring her home,” Ms. Rues said. “We instrumentality immoderate missing lawsuit seriously. It is much hard erstwhile those who spell missing don’t privation to beryllium found.”

Callahan Walsh, a kid advocator astatine the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, said girls are often coaxed online and encouraged to permission location connected their own, leaving the constabulary to disregard them arsenic runaways.

Mr. Walsh said the halfway receives astir 500 missing idiosyncratic calls a week. Although Black children marque up 14 percent of the nation’s children, they relationship for 31 percent of the center’s missing children reports, helium said. There whitethorn beryllium conscious and unconscious biases among instrumentality enforcement officers successful cases involving Black radical that effect successful little attention, Mr. Walsh said.

More than 70,000 Black girls nether the property of 18 were reported missing past year, according to the National Crime Information Center. Statistics involving missing Hispanic radical are much hard to obtain, due to the fact that they are classified arsenic “white” successful the national data.

“A chunk of those kids are really found,” said Erika M. Rivers, who created the Our Black Girls missing persons website 3 years ago. “Even if radical are found, it’s inactive an astronomical number.”

Overall, astir 88 percent of the radical of each races who were reported missing past twelvemonth were aboriginal found, returned home, oregon the study was recovered to beryllium invalid, according to the nationalist transgression center.

Ms. Rivers’s website lists the lawsuit of Melinda Felder, who vanished 15 years agone successful Conway, S.C. In August 2020, Brittany Palmer, a 23-year-old with a encephalon wounded who walked with a walker oregon cane, went missing successful Jacksonville, Fla. Dawnita Wilkerson was past seen connected June 21, 2020, getting into a metallic 2004 Chevy Suburban astatine a motel successful Evansville, Ind., according to the F.B.I.

Natalie Wilson, co-founder of the Black & Missing Foundation, said the information that her enactment exists speaks to the magnitude of the problem. Black girls are often classified arsenic runaways, and whitethorn not beryllium flagged to person Amber Alerts, contempt the trafficking hazard specified children face, she said.

“And for those implicit 18, erstwhile the families effort and record a constabulary report, they are told: ‘Your loved 1 is an adult, they tin travel and spell arsenic they delight and they don’t person to archer you wherever they are going,’” she said. “We are conscionable trying to adjacent the playing field.”



Desheena Kyle was 26 erstwhile she went missing successful Knoxville, Tenn., successful June. Her aunt, Rita Turner, said watching the nonstop sum of Ms. Petito’s disappearance, which included several stories successful The New York Times, was hurtful — particularly erstwhile determination was besides a monolithic hunt for a missing achromatic kid successful Tennessee who vanished astatine astir the aforesaid clip arsenic her niece.

“It made maine sick to my tummy to cognize that was not being done for Desheena,” she said.

The Knoxville Police Department said that fixed however overmuch clip had passed without immoderate sightings of Ms. Kyle, her lawsuit was being treated arsenic a imaginable homicide. Investigators spent hundreds of hours searching, interviewing witnesses and pursuing leads, the section said.

Ms. Kyle’s ex-boyfriend is simply a “person of interest” successful the lawsuit and is jailed connected unrelated charges, the constabulary said.

Ms. Turner had been acceptable to articulation volunteers connected Wednesday evening to hunt for her themselves, but past her assemblage was found.

The contented of missing women and questions implicit whether the constabulary had conducted thorough investigations person dogged Indigenous communities successful the United States for decades. Annita Lucchesi is the laminitis of the Sovereign Bodies Institute, which maintains a database of immoderate 5,000 missing Native women.

Ms. Lucchesi sums up the occupation up with 3 words: “It’s racism, misogyny and colonialism,” she said.

In much caller years, national and authorities agencies crossed the state and successful Montana stepped up with task forces and law-enforcement resources, including a caller Justice Department effort to coordinate national and section responses to disappearances and murders successful Indian Country.

In Puerto Rico, wherever activists person logged 32 women and girls who stay missing since 2020, the island’s House of Representatives’ nationalist information committee launched an investigation, but determination has been small effect truthful far.

“The constabulary admitted successful a nationalist proceeding that they did not person a implicit and refined grounds of missing women — who had been recovered oregon not,” said Debora Upegui-Hernández, an expert astatine the Gender Equity Observatory of Puerto Rico. “There is simply inactive nary argumentation connected however missing women’s cases are handled.”

When Alma Elsie Ayala Ayala, 69, disappeared from the Santurce country of San Juan successful January 2020, the constabulary large crimes portion did not spell into precocious cogwheel connected the lawsuit until a twelvemonth and a fractional aft she had been reported missing, her household said.

Sgt. Karina Ojeda Erazo of the Puerto Rico Police said she did not cognize the crushed for the delay, but that the constabulary commissioner wanted to delegate much resources to the analyzable investigation.



Many times, friends and household instrumentality the hunt connected themselves. In 1 of the astir caller cases, they turned to societal media with pleas for accusation astir Lauren Cho, an Asian American pistillate who went missing adjacent Joshua Tree National Park successful California successful June.

Members of the nationalist volunteered connected Facebook to articulation successful the hunt themselves.

The authorities accidental the families of missing radical get frustrated, due to the fact that they are not privy to each the effort that goes into uncovering missing people.

“Most are not whodunit oregon endangerment benignant of cases,” said Sgt. Carl Jeannot, of the Miami-Dade Police Department’s missing person’s unit. “It’s usually idiosyncratic going extracurricular of their mean patterns, and their household is missing them and would similar assistance locating them.”

One of his detectives, Suzanne Gowdie, said constabulary officers are precise overmuch acrophobic implicit cases of missing women. “They each support maine up astatine night. I americium ever wondering what the adjacent measurement should be,” she said. “The information is, we are truly looking.”

Edmy Ayala contributed reporting from Coamo, P.R.

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