UFC boss unloads over nasty press conference brawl

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UFC brag Dana White ne'er misses an accidental to instrumentality a changeable astatine his competitors.

So erstwhile the promotion's president and proprietor was asked astir the punch-up betwixt boxing superstar Canelo Álvarez and Caleb Plant astatine their quality league earlier this week, White teed disconnected astatine ShowTime for their deficiency of consciousness and professionalism.

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The 2 champions scrapped aft trading verbal barbs up of their their upcoming ace middleweight rubric unification bout, with the Mexican prima pushing Plant aft an evident insult towards his mother.

Plant stepped guardant and threw a near hook astatine Álvarez, who dodged it and threw an unfastened near manus to Plant's face. The stroke struck Plant's sunglasses, which jammed into his feature and caused the cut.

Caleb Plant with a chopped nether his oculus aft a face-off with Canelo Alvarez. (Getty)

The fighters' camps yet separated them, but it took immoderate clip earlier information could get betwixt them. Both men were besides near unsocial during the ceremonial face-off, thing White said should ne'er person happened.

"I'm not surprised, s--t, Showtime is, they're great," White said with a sneer. "Those guys are truly bully astatine what they do. From accumulation to property conferences, they're f---ing awesome.

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"How agelong person you been successful the concern that you would fto 2 fighters spell up to each different face-to-face without idiosyncratic determination to effort to … and then, erstwhile it breaks out, determination was, like, 2 men that are determination successful betwixt them earlier there's a antheral anyplace adjacent it.

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant travel to blows during a face-off earlier a property league up of their ace middleweight combat connected November 6. (Getty)

"You couldn't beryllium f---ing dumber than what they did. Risk a monolithic combat with 1 of the biggest stars successful the athletics by not having the fighters safe.

"You can't fto 2 alpha males locomotion up to each different face-to-face astatine the f---ing supper nine oregon wherever the hellhole they were having that property league and fto 2 guys look down without idiosyncratic determination to interruption it up.

"But they're awesome. They bash a bully occupation astatine everything they bash truthful it's not shocking."

Canelo Alvarez slaps Caleb Plant during a face-off earlier a property league up of their ace middleweight combat connected November 6. (Getty)

Following the incident, Álvarez tweeted a video of the clash, with the comment; "Don't speech astir my mum."

"You tin accidental immoderate to me, but not to my mom," Canelo said afterwards.

"I'm going to combat anyone who says thing astir my mom. And helium swung first. I conscionable pushed him. He swung first, and I bash what I do. He crossed the line."

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