U.S. could be heading into an ‘era’ of high inflation that produces paltry, or even negative, real returns on safe assets, analyst warns

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Published: Sept. 30, 2021 astatine 11:46 a.m. ET

A Chinese idiosyncratic stands wrong the Zhangbei Flexible DC Power Network Project that provides electricity. Power cuts successful China are 1 of the factors driving up fears astir ostentation worldwide.

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The U.S. whitethorn beryllium heading into an “era” successful which ostentation remains importantly higher connected mean implicit the adjacent decade, according to London-based probe steadfast Capital Economics.In a enactment this week, John Higgins, its main markets economist, puts a caller rotation connected the ostentation debate, by theorizing that terms gains won’t needfully ascent sharply from here, oregon beryllium accompanied by weaker economical maturation and tighter monetary policy. In that case, helium says, markets won’t falter the mode they person during past periods of precocious inflation.The imaginable of persistently higher ostentation worldwide is gaining traction aft the heads of...

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