Triangle Strategy Brings Tactics To Switch In March

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When Project Triangle Strategy was announced earlier this year, it changeable to the top of galore highly anticipated lists acknowledgment to its tactical RPG gameplay and beauteous HD 2D visuals reminiscent of Octopath Traveler. During today's Nintendo Direct presentation, we not lone learned much astir the game, but besides the merchandise day and last name. Much similar Project Octopath Traveler simply became Octopath Traveler for the last release, Project Triangle Strategy is besides dropping "Project" to go Triangle Strategy.

In Triangle Strategy, you usher your characters done a choice-filled communicative that sounds similar it has aggregate endings depending connected the decisions you marque implicit the people of the narrative. Triangle Strategy tasks you with commanding a radical of warriors wherever your choices bolster 1 of 3 convictions: Unity, Morality, and Liberty. You play arsenic Serenoa, the person of the group. Your choices alteration Serenoa's worldview and tin change the story. Characters measurement successful connected their thoughts during cardinal determination points, casting their votes connected the Scales of Conviction. During these moments, your choices can change past for the continent of Norzelia.

Triangle Strategy

Combat consists of turn-based tactical battles wherever your determination and strategical placement are important aspects to support successful mind. You tin presumption units connected higher crushed to instrumentality power of the battlefield and summation the vantage with accrued range, oregon flank enemies from some sides and onslaught from down to initiate a almighty follow-up attack. You tin besides use elemental concatenation reactions, similar casting fire to melt crystal into water, past utilizing lightning to electrocute it earlier pushing enemies into the water.

This past February, Square Enix released a demo of the game, past surveyed players connected their thoughts. Square Enix utilized that feedback to instrumentality myriad changes to the last game. These changes see trouble adjustments for Easy, Default, and Hard settings; improvements for on-screen visuals; camera space controls; the quality to reappraisal erstwhile dialog to amended pass your choices; streamlined crippled flow; and amended loading times. 

Triangle Strategy comes to Nintendo Switch connected March 4.

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