Treasury's Janet Yellen Is Being Tested by Debt Limit Fight

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The Treasury caput indispensable wade into a standoff betwixt Democrats and Republicans implicit raising the indebtedness limit.

Janet Yellen is facing her biggest trial  arsenic  Treasury Secretary arsenic  she works   with apical  Democrats to transportation   reluctant Republicans to enactment    an summation   successful  the nation’s borrowing limit.
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Alan Rappeport

Sept. 23, 2021, 6:41 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON — When Janet L. Yellen was Federal Reserve seat successful 2014, she faced a grilling from Republicans astir whether the national authorities had a program if the nation’s borrowing bounds was breached and measures to support paying the country’s bills were exhausted.

Ms. Yellen, appearing astatine a legislature hearing, outlined a dire script successful which fiscal institutions mightiness effort to marque payments that they could not cover, due to the fact that the Treasury Department was retired of money, starring to a cascade of bounced checks. She pushed backmost against the conception held by immoderate Republicans that an economical meltdown could beryllium averted, informing that determination was nary concealed contingency plan.

“To the champion of my knowledge, determination is nary written-down plan,” Ms. Yellen said astatine the time, adding that it was beyond her remit astatine the Fed. “That’s a substance that is wholly up to the Treasury.”

Fending disconnected specified a calamity is now squarely the work of Ms. Yellen, who is confronting the biggest trial she has faced successful her 8 months arsenic President Biden’s Treasury Secretary. Mr. Biden chose Ms. Yellen to assistance steer the system retired of the pandemic downturn. But successful the look of legislature dysfunction, she has been thrust into a governmental role, trying to person reticent Republican lawmakers that their refusal to assistance the indebtedness headdress — which limits the government’s quality to get wealth — could pb to a fiscal collapse.

It is not a comfy spot for Ms. Yellen, an economist by grooming who is present trying to navigate the unsmooth governmental waters that she tends to debar by countering legislative gamesmanship with economical logic.

Over the past month, Ms. Yellen has reached retired to Democrats and apical Republican leaders, including Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the number leader, and Representative Kevin Brady of Texas, the apical Republican connected the Ways and Means Committee. She has utilized those calls to convey the economical risks, informing that Treasury’s quality to stave disconnected default is constricted and that nonaccomplishment to assistance oregon suspend the indebtedness headdress by sometime adjacent period would beryllium “catastrophic.”

Ms. Yellen has reminded Republicans successful the calls that they person been consenting to articulation Democrats successful lifting the indebtedness ceiling successful the past, and that raising the headdress allows the U.S. to wage its existing bills and does not authorize caller spending.

Thus far, Republicans look unmoved by Ms. Yellen’s overtures.

In a telephone with Ms. Yellen past week, Mr. Brady said helium told the caput that helium would beryllium blessed to enactment with her connected a bipartisan model focused connected fiscal stableness and curbing authorities spending but, barring that, Democrats should not expect Republicans to assistance them code the indebtedness limit.

“They are playing a unsafe governmental crippled with our system and it’s perfectly unnecessary,” Mr. Brady said connected Wednesday.

Mr. McConnell conveyed a akin connection during a telephone speech with Ms. Yellen past week, his spokesperson said. Mr. McConnell’s erstwhile main of staff, Brian McGuire, said the Kentucky Republican would not beryllium persuaded by unit tactics and suggested that the Treasury caput should nonstop her economical warnings astatine Democrats.

“If I were advising Secretary Yellen, I’d suggest she beryllium highly skeptical of the Democratic strategy connected the indebtedness limit,” said Mr. McGuire, who was Treasury’s adjunct caput for legislative affairs from 2019 to 2020.

On Thursday, Ms. Yellen appeared astatine a quality league with Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate bulk person Chuck Schumer of New York. Ms. Pelosi assailed Republicans for refusing to articulation Democrats successful covering costs that some parties person incurred, including the $1.5 trillion taxation cuts that Republicans passed during the Trump administration.

“This is simply a credit-card measure that we owe,” Ms. Pelosi said.

Democrats wanted to brace the national indebtedness bounds summation with authorities to support the authorities funded done aboriginal December, which would necessitate Republican enactment successful the Senate. With nary specified statement successful sight, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget connected Thursday alerted national agencies to reappraisal their shutdown plans, fixed backing is scheduled to lapse adjacent week.

Democrats bash person different legislative enactment for raising the borrowing headdress — they could brace it with the $3.5 trillion spending measure that they are aiming to walk on enactment lines utilizing a fast-track process known arsenic fund reconciliation. However, that would enforce procedural hurdles they are trying to avoid, and Democrats person yet to hold connected what the spending measure should see oregon however to wage for it. Party leaders claimed advancement toward a woody connected Thursday, saying they had agreed upon an array of imaginable ways to wage for it. But they offered nary details astir what programs would beryllium included oregon what the full outgo would yet be, and what they called a “framework agreement” appeared to beryllium modest.

With the indebtedness bounds summation becoming truthful contentious, Ms. Pelosi signaled for the archetypal clip connected Thursday that Democrats could yet portion it from the authorities backing measure due to the fact that of Republican opposition.

“We volition support our authorities unfastened by Sept. 30, which is our date, and proceed the speech astir the indebtedness ceiling, but not for long,” she said.

Ms. Yellen, who has kept a debased nationalist illustration successful the past month, did not marque a connection astatine the quality league and took nary questions.

In private, she has tried to amp up the pressure. Ms. Yellen has personally warned the main executives of the nation’s largest banks and fiscal institutions astir the precise existent hazard of default. Over the past respective days she has spoken to Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, David M. Solomon of Goldman Sachs, Brian T. Moynihan of Bank of America and Laurence D. Fink of BlackRock, telling them astir the disastrous interaction a default would have, according to radical acquainted with the calls.

The banking manufacture traditionally wields important power with Republicans; the biggest fiscal services lobbying groups wrote a letter to apical lawmakers earlier this period urging them to instrumentality action.

“Any default would negatively interaction the wide economy, disrupt the operations of our fiscal markets, undermine confidence, and rise backing costs successful the future,” they wrote.

Ms. Yellen has besides sought the counsel of her predecessors, including Steven T. Mnuchin, Jacob J. Lew, Timothy F. Geithner and Henry M. Paulson. Mr. Paulson, who served nether President George W. Bush and maintains beardown ties with Republican lawmakers, has echoed Ms. Yellen’s concerns astir the interaction of a default successful conversations with Mr. McConnell, according to a idiosyncratic acquainted with the matter.

Earlier this week, six erstwhile Treasury secretaries sent a missive to apical lawmakers, informing that a default would blunt economical growth, roil fiscal markets and sap assurance successful the United States.

“Failing to code the indebtedness limit, and allowing an unprecedented default, could origin superior economical and nationalist information harm,” they wrote successful the missive that was published by Ms. Yellen’s Treasury Department.

Ms. Yellen’s task has been analyzable by the information that portion she tin readily convey the economical risks of default, the indebtedness bounds has go wrapped up successful a larger partisan conflict implicit Mr. Biden’s full agenda, including the $3.5 trillion spending bill.

Republicans, including Mr. McConnell, person insisted that if Democrats privation to walk a large spending bill, past they should carnivore work for raising the borrowing limit. Democrats telephone that presumption nonsense, noting that the indebtedness bounds needs to beryllium raised due to the fact that of spending that lawmakers, including Republicans, person already approved.

“This seems to beryllium immoderate benignant of high-stakes partisan poker connected Capitol Hill, and that’s not what her inheritance is,” said David Wessel, a elder economical chap astatine the Brookings Institution who worked with Ms. Yellen astatine Brookings.

While lawmakers squabble connected Capitol Hill, Ms. Yellen’s squad astatine Treasury has been trying to bargain arsenic overmuch clip arsenic possible. After a two-year suspension of the statutory indebtedness bounds expired astatine the extremity of July, Ms. Yellen has been employing an array of fiscal accounting tools known arsenic “extraordinary measures” to stave disconnected a default.

Uncertainty implicit the indebtedness bounds has yet to spook markets, but Ms. Yellen is receiving briefings aggregate times a week by vocation unit connected the authorities of the nation’s finances. They are keeping her informed astir the usage of bonzer measures, specified arsenic suspending investments of the Exchange Stabilization Fund and suspending the issuing of caller securities for the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, and cautiously reviewing Treasury’s currency balance. Because firm taxation receipts are coming successful stronger than expected, the indebtedness bounds mightiness not beryllium breached until mid- to precocious October, Ms. Yellen has told lawmakers.

A Treasury spokeswoman said that Ms. Yellen is not considering fallback plans specified arsenic prioritizing indebtedness payments if Congress fails to act, explaining that the lone mode for the authorities to code the indebtedness ceiling is for lawmakers to rise oregon suspend the limit. However, she has reviewed immoderate of the ideas that were developed by Treasury during the indebtedness bounds standoff of 2011, erstwhile partisan brinkmanship brought the federation to the cusp of default.

A caller study from the Bipartisan Policy Center underscored the information that if Congress fails to code the indebtedness limit, Ms. Yellen volition beryllium near with nary bully options. If the existent deadline is Oct. 15, for example, the Treasury Department would beryllium astir $265 cardinal abbreviated of paying each of its bills done mid-November. About 40 percent of the funds that are owed would spell unpaid.

“Realistically, connected a day-to-day basis, fulfilling each payments for important and fashionable programs would rapidly go impossible,” the study said, pointing to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, defense, and subject progressive work pay.

Tony Fratto, a Treasury authoritative during the Bush administration, lamented that Ms. Yellen is operating without immoderate leverage. Democrats, helium said, appeared to person miscalculated erstwhile they thought that Republicans would beryllium excessively ashamed to artifact a indebtedness bounds ballot aft supporting a suspension of the borrowing headdress erstwhile President Donald J. Trump was successful office.

“I deliberation that was successful the ‘hope’ category,” Mr. Fratto said. “This is Washington successful 2021 — your hopes volition beryllium dashed.”

Lananh Nguyen contributed reporting from New York.

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