Top 5 tips for using password managers

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Password managers are a bully mode to support your passwords unique, beardown and safe. Tom Merritt gives america 5 tips connected however to usage them correctly.

Someday passwords volition beryllium gone. Microsoft, Google and others are making large strides toward that halcyon future.

But contiguous is not that day.

And until that glorious time arrives, you inactive request a bully mode to negociate each those passwords portion keeping them secure. And a password manager is inactive the champion mode that balances convenience and security—with a dense tilt toward security.

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Here are 5 tips for password managers.

  1. You tin marque your maestro password beardown and memorable. The password you usage to unafraid your password manager does request to beryllium agelong and complex. But choosing a phrase, particularly 1 lone meaningful to you, tin support it harmless against dictionary attacks and marque it truthful you don't person to constitute it down connected a post-it note. Cat-needs-2-Eat-at-6?, for instance.
  2. Multifactor authentication is inactive important. Some password managers adjacent see the procreation of second-factor codes successful the password manager itself making the login process that overmuch easier. And of course, unafraid your password manager relationship with MFA arsenic well.
  3. You tin securely stock a password. Many password managers fto you stock your credentials with idiosyncratic other without letting them spot the password. Granted determination are ways to get them, truthful beryllium cautious who you stock with. But if you spot the idiosyncratic capable to stock the credential, it's an other precaution against them accidentally compromising it.
  4. Multiple devices. Unless you someway lone usage 1 device, your password manager should beryllium accessible crossed the devices you use. You don't privation to person to support pulling retired 1 instrumentality to get the password to usage connected different one.
  5. It's much than conscionable passwords. You tin usage the information of your password manager to store different things that would beryllium susceptible successful an unencrypted substance note, similar recognition paper numbers for instance.

Even if you deploy Shared Account Password Management, password managers for employees are inactive a bully thought to implement. Just marque definite you get 1 that's casual to use, end-to-end encrypted and has the features you need.

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