The Trump Administration Considered Kidnapping and Assassinating Julian Assange

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Senior officials wrong the CIA and the Trump medication considered kidnapping WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2017, adjacent weighing whether oregon not to assassinate him to forestall him from making an escape.

This accusation comes from a report published by Yahoo! News, which cited conversations with implicit 30 erstwhile U.S. quality and information officials. These conversations revealed that “sketches” and “options” connected however to transportation retired a imaginable assassination were laid out.

An authoritative who spoke to Yahoo! said that erstwhile Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wanted “revenge” connected Assange due to the fact that the Trump medication was embarrassed by the “Vault 7” information leak of CIA hacking tools and Democratic emails during the 2016 predetermination campaign.

“There was an inappropriate level of attraction to Assange fixed the embarrassment, not the menace helium posed successful context,” the authoritative said. “We should ne'er enactment retired of a tendency for revenge.”

The cognition was floated successful effect to rumors that Assange was plotting an flight from the Ecuadorian embassy successful London.

Former President Donald Trump has denied ever considering ordering the assassination of Assange, telling Yahoo! that helium believes Assange was treated “very badly.”

“It’s wholly false, it ne'er happened,” helium told the outlet.

The CIA has declined to remark connected the matter.

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