The Plane Effect Is A Surreal Adventure About Surviving Your Final Trip Home From Work

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The Plane Effect is simply a striking dystopian escapade wherever you presume the relation of an office idiosyncratic who, aft clocking retired of his final time astatine work, conscionable wants to get location to his family. An oppressive cosmic entity oversees the world, and, for immoderate reason, the roadworthy location is alien and much unsafe than you remember. But you person to get home. Your household is waiting, right? Thankfully, you don’t person to support them waiting; you tin embark connected this eyebrow-raising travel close now. 

The Plane Effect’s satellite blends the mean and the surreal arsenic players spell from driving down sterile metropolis streets to swimming beneath the water to slithering done constrictive underground tunnels. You’ll besides brushwood laser-shooting robots – nary 1 said getting backmost to your household would beryllium easy. Gameplay mostly consists of puzzle-solving, but those who would alternatively bask the communicative and ambiance tin crook to an assistance enactment to breeze done riddles faster. Curious to spot more? Check retired the motorboat trailer down beneath for a sensation of The Plane Effect’s strangeness.  

The Plane Effect looks fascinating, to accidental the least. You tin unravel its mysteries connected PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC.

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