The Last Of Us Creator Gives First Look At Joel And Ellie In HBO TV Show

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The Last of Us Day (also known arsenic Outbreak Day) kicked disconnected implicit the weekend. Like celebrations from erstwhile years, fans of the acclaimed Naughty Dog franchise were anticipating breathtaking caller announcements. Consequently, The Last of Us originative director/writer Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to speech astir the upcoming HBO adaptation of the game(s). And, successful doing so, he’s fixed america our archetypal on-set look astatine the TV show. 

Druckmann’s tweet reads arsenic follows: “When I archetypal saw them connected acceptable successful afloat costume, I was like: ‘Hooooooly sh*t! It’s Joel and Ellie!’ The HBO adaptation of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is afloat steam ahead! Can’t hold to amusement you much (from each of our projects!)!”

The teaser representation shows Joel and Ellie looking retired astatine the remains of a crashed level successful an unfastened field. Joel dons his classical button-up portion Ellie trades her in-game t-shirt for a reddish hoodie. Wait awaits them beyond their vantage constituent of comparative information remains to beryllium seen, but it’s harmless to presume that the level volition beryllium crawling with infected. God of War: Ragnarok writer Alanah Pearce perfectly voiced  the buzz surrounding the pic successful the tweet’s replies, “I person ne'er been truthful hyped to spot the backs of 2 radical earlier successful my life.” 

In an interview earlier this year, Druckmann explained that the HBO squad is much funny successful staying existent to the halfway of the crippled bid arsenic opposed to focusing connected insignificant details similar quality apparel:

“We talked astatine magnitude that play 1 of The Last of Us bid is going to beryllium the archetypal game,” Druckmann stated. “As acold arsenic the superficial things, similar should a quality deterioration the aforesaid plaid garment oregon the aforesaid reddish shirt? They mightiness oregon mightiness not look successful it; that’s mode little important to america than getting the halfway of who these radical are and the halfway of their journey. Things sometimes enactment beauteous close. It’s comic to spot my dialog determination from the games successful HBO scripts. And sometimes they deviate greatly to overmuch amended effect due to the fact that we are dealing with a antithetic medium.”

HBO’s The Last of Us is bolstered by a star-studded formed and crew, including Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian), Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones), Anna Torv (Mindhunter), Nico Parker (Dumbo), Merle Dandridge (The Last Of Us video games), and Gabriel Luna (Terminator: Dark Fate). Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann are helming the show.

Are you excited to yet spot Joel and Ellie’s real-life counterparts?

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