The Good Life Gets Xbox Demo Today, Comes To Game Pass At Launch

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The Good Life, the bizarre photography enigma crippled by Deadly Premonition mastermind Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro and his squad astatine White Owls, has a demo connected Xbox Game Pass disposable now. The crowdfunded crippled precocious got a release date of October 15 aft respective years of improvement and aggregate delays. The demo is bully quality for those wary astir the rubric aft its bumpy improvement cycle, and Xbox fans tin remainder adjacent easier knowing it’s launching to Game Pass connected time one.

The Good Life stars Naomi, a New York lensman who visits the British municipality of Rainy Woods to analyse wherefore it’s known arsenic “the happiest spot connected Earth”. She needs a large scoop successful bid to repay a monolithic debt, and she gets much than she bargains for erstwhile she discovers Rainy Woods has an unusual secret: erstwhile the prima goes down, its residents alteration into cats and dogs. Solving this enigma involves taking photos and collecting clues. You’ll besides enactment to repay your indebtedness by taking unusual jobs and redeeming money, which you tin besides usage to root up your location and garden. You tin besides thrust sheep due to the fact that wherefore not? 

In summation to Xbox, The Good Life is besides coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC. A demo volition besides beryllium disposable during the Steam Next Festival connected October 1. 

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