Syria ‘combating and eradicating terrorism’, General Assembly hears

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In his code to the high-level statement astatine the UN General Assembly on Monday, Fayssal Mekdad, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of Syria, reaffirmed his country’s committedness to combat terrorism and aim to ‘restore information and stability’.

Addressing the General Assembly astatine UN Headquarters successful New York, Foreign Affairs Minister Mekdad, started by speaking astir the global interaction of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

After being held virtually past twelvemonth due to the pandemic, this year’s debate features “hybrid” activities that see leaders speaking in person on with virtual participants.    

“Some utilized the pandemic arsenic a mode to settee governmental scores and impeach different countries of creating the virus, while others selfishly ignored the needs of others, choosing to judge they were unsocial connected this earth”, helium said. 

Declaring that sanctions have exacerbated the effects of the coronavirus pandemic successful his and different heavy sanctioned countries, Mr. Mekdad said that “if COVID-19 would assertion 1 beingness successful the lack of alleged sanctions, it would assertion truthful galore much erstwhile they are successful place”.  

“Sanctions are bringing suffering and decease successful countries similar Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen”, helium added.  

The menace of terrorism  

Turning connected to the menace of terrorism, Mr. Mekdad, acknowledging that Syria is 1 of the countries astir affected by that scourge, confirmed that his state volition proceed the fight against it, and guarantee that “State authority, information and stability are restored”.  

“Those that proceed to enactment and put successful terrorists are making a unsafe stake that is doomed to fail”, Mr. Mekdad said on the past time of the high-level week of the General Assembly.  

Turning to Turkey, helium said that “regime has committed warfare crimes and crimes against humanity successful the territories of Syria it occupies”, and called for urgent enactment by the UN Security Council and the Secretariat, to bring them to an contiguous end.  

“Turkish and US forces are occupying Syrian territories nether mendacious pretexts and are looting the earthy resources belonging to the Syrian people”, helium added, calling for an extremity to the occupation.  


Mr. Mekdad pointed to Syria’s ‘open doors’ for the harmless and voluntary instrumentality of each refugees to their country, underlying that Syria is moving to “rebuild and rehabilitate infrastructure and services successful areas reclaimed from terrorists and by putting the indispensable procedures successful spot to facilitate the instrumentality of radical and conscionable their basal needs”. 

“The scope of humanitarian interventions indispensable beryllium expanded to incorporated improvement assistance and aboriginal betterment and resilience projects, which would supply water, sanitation, health, medical, and lodging services”, he said.  

Interconnected world  

Mr. Mekdad called for an end to Israel’s warfare crimes and crimes against humanity successful the occupied Palestinian territories, and expressed Syria’s enactment and solidarity with Iran in “the look of the amerciable and irresponsible US measures against it, particularly pursuing the US withdrawal from the atomic agreement”. 

He concluded by stating that the satellite is “interconnected” and that “no state tin service its interests and guarantee its information astatine the disbursal of the interests and information of different countries”. 

Full statement here.  

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