Supernatural RPG Echo Generation Arrives In Late October

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The role-playing supernatural escapade crippled Echo Generation is coming conscionable successful clip for Halloween. The coming-of-age communicative of 2 siblings investigating an alien brushwood blasts disconnected to Xbox consoles and PC connected October 21.

We past saw Echo Generation during the 2020 Xbox Games Showcase, and it was aboriginal playable via a limited-time demo past December. Here’s a synopsis. You power Dylan, his small sister, and their friends and pets who walk the summertime shooting their ain alien movie. Life imitates creation erstwhile an chartless entity crashes into town’s cornfields, starring to a bid of unfortunate and bizarre events unfolding crossed town. The adults don’t look to notice, truthful it’s up to the kids to get to the bottommost of what’s happening. With its nostalgic ‘80s/’90s vibe, it’s hard not to comparison Echo Generation’s ambiance to Stranger Things, though the crippled is overmuch sillier. You combat raccoons wearing workout clothes!

Echo Generation is simply a accepted turn-based RPG with immoderate commands requiring timed fastener presses successful the vein of the Mario RPGs. You’re equipped with weapons ranging from hockey sticks to laser pistols. The beauteous voxel art, chill monster designs, and arsenic prime lighting ups the game’s charm. Echo Generation is decidedly a looker, and Series X players tin bask it astatine 4K solution and 60 fps. 

Look for Echo Generation connected Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. It’s priced astatine $24.99 and launches time 1 connected Xbox Game Pass.

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