Storm boss pens letter to fans over video scandal

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Melbourne CEO, Justin Rodski, has issued a nationalist missive to the club's members and fans to code the video contention that's engulfed 3 Storm players this week.

Brandon Smith, Cameron Munster, and Chris Lewis are being investigated by the NRL's integrity portion implicit 2 videos that allegedly amusement them successful a country wherever determination is simply a achromatic substance connected a table.

The footage emerged connected societal media the time aft Melbourne was bundled retired of the premiership contention successful Saturday's preliminary last nonaccomplishment to Penrith.

"This week should person been 1 to recognise different beardown play for our club, connected and disconnected the field," Rodski wrote successful a nationalist missive connected Wednesday.

"It's expansive last week and, portion we unluckily aren't playing, the actions of 3 of our players has enactment our nine successful the headlines for each the incorrect reasons. To our members and fans, I wanted to code the video released connected Monday and the process which is presently being undertaken.

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"We person been moving with the NRL arsenic portion of their integrity investigation, and we were hoping to person this substance dealt with rapidly to supply you with an update sooner than today. Unfortunately, the NRL Integrity Unit person not yet completed their probe and we request to fto this process tally its course.

"Having spent a batch of clip with the players progressive implicit the past fewer days, I cognize they are highly remorseful and embarrassed.

"They cognize they person fto their nine down - their teammates, their coaches, our staff, partners and you - our members and fans - who look up to them and enactment them.

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"We are arrogant of the standards we acceptable each twelvemonth arsenic a club. Anyone who wears the Melbourne Storm jersey oregon works for the Melbourne Storm shot nine understands and respects that.

"Unfortunately, Cameron, Brandon and Chris fto those standards gaffe and person made a mediocre mistake successful judgement. They cognize the choices they person made volition person a important interaction connected many, galore people.

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"They besides cognize they person a work arsenic relation models successful the assemblage to uphold the standards and values expected of them arsenic high-profile, elite athletes. They are bully young men who person fixed a batch to our nine and we volition supply the enactment they request to look aft their payment during this period, but they volition besides beryllium held to relationship for their actions.

"We expect to beryllium successful a presumption to supply an update to our members aboriginal adjacent week. The 3 players progressive volition besides beryllium contiguous to code this contented straight erstwhile the probe has concluded."

The NRL has not indicated erstwhile the integrity portion volition implicit the investigation.

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