Steve Schmidt Warns That We Must Confront The Republican Attack On Democracy

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Steve Schmidt laid retired the Republican authoritarian movement’s onslaught connected ideology and urged Americans to face the threat.


Steve Schmidt connected the GOP authoritarian threat, "The beforehand of that combat is simply a abstraction wherever the prevarication is confronted with the truth. That is the battleground. And it plays retired successful 1 cardinal ways. But a ideology cannot past successful a satellite wherever the prevarication and the information basal equally."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 25, 2021

Steve Schmidt talked astir however America tin basal up to the authoritarian menace with Rachel Maddow:

The beforehand of that combat is a abstraction wherever the prevarication is confronted with the truth. That is the battleground. And it plays retired successful 1 cardinal ways. But a ideology cannot survive in a satellite wherever the prevarication and the information basal equally. The strategy that we person is based connected a compact that requires religion successful content and trust. It’s however we stock powerfulness with people that we disagree with. We admit that we unrecorded in a analyzable satellite wherever people have antithetic perspectives. 

And we person to accommodate those views. In the 21st century, I believe that determination was a statement that has unraveled successful commencement really short play of time, that you can hint each the mode backmost to the opening of the country, in the sanction of governmental power — also, the aforesaid radical claiming that they’re doing it successful the name of state are seeing that that preservation of freedom means maintaining our power. Not needfully abiding the results of the election. And erstwhile you get into that territory, you’re successful a scary space

And it’s indispensable to remember to recognize 1 thing, and this has to beryllium brought forward into the debate, contempt all the flaws of American democracy, or immoderate ideology — democracies are the lone system of authorities that has ever existed successful the past of humanity that puts the individual quality being connected top of the powerfulness of the city. 

Every different strategy so subordinates the dignity of the human being to the powerfulness of the state, for the purposes of the state, often controlled by self interested, corrupt minority. So, this is the astir profound moral contented that you could possibly speech astir connected any given evening successful this country. Because it goes to the bosom of the American idea, the embrace of humanism, of earthy rights, of pluralism. And this thought that anybody can be an American. That we tin each basal equal, cool equally, successful a society, under the regularisation of law. Where we each get a say, get to participate. And that is what is being vandalized and attacked, and successfully so. 

It is casual to marque amusive of the Arizona audit, but acold excessively galore radical fell into the trap of legitimizing an illegitimate governmental process successful Arizona. The Arizona audit was not a morganatic audit.

The bigger extremity that Republicans had successful Arizona was getting their onslaught connected ideology legitimized and governmental parties conducting audits of predetermination results that they disagree with normalized and looking astatine the sum of this sham, 1 tin spot that their efforts worked.

The audit was an onslaught connected democracy. Steve Schmidt is correct. Only a almighty consolidated effort backed by the information tin decision these lies and authoritarian attacks.

Trump is the figurehead, but the displacement successful the Republican Party from ideology to authoritarianism goes overmuch deeper, and it is the top interior menace to US ideology since the Civil War.

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