'Star Wars: Visions' brings George Lucas' galaxy full circle in striking anime shorts

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(CNN)George Lucas freely discussed however manager Akira Kurosawa's 1958 samurai classical "The Hidden Fortress" served arsenic inspiration for "Star Wars," truthful seeing Japanese anime turned escaped connected the franchise nicely brings the narration afloat circle. "Star Wars: Visions" consists of 9 stand-alone shorts, with the champion providing a fascinating wedding of that far-away postulation to imagery and themes rooted successful Kurosawa's films.

Running 13 to 22 minutes, the shorts correspond Lucasfilm's archetypal foray into anime, moving with 7 antithetic studios. The varying auspices rapidly go evident, with each employing chiseled animation styles and mostly archetypal characters, though a fewer acquainted faces from the fringes of the "Star Wars" beingness -- specified arsenic a notoriously dense Hutt -- bash amusement up from clip to time.

The films don't request to beryllium watched successful immoderate peculiar order, but the archetypal entry, "The Duel," nicely encapsulates what these projects achieve, evoking the consciousness of Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai," and economically telling a communicative with precious small dialogue, vibrant visuals and a full batch of action. In this case, there's a mysterious warrior wielding a lightsaber who comes to the defence of a colony descended upon by bandits, though the twists thereafter connection a fewer beauteous important surprises.

    Another, "Tatooine Rhapsody," offers a much cartoonish and comical instrumentality astir a philharmonic set hoping for its large break, portion successful "The Elder," a stoic Jedi and his anxious padawan quadrate disconnected against a shadowy fig with bonzer skills.

      The cinematic connections mightiness beryllium mislaid connected younger kids, and the stories deficiency connections to large "Star Wars" characters; still, they seizure its code and epic qualities -- deliberation of it arsenic "Tales of the Jedi and the Sith" -- portion establishing distinctive looks and voices, successful a mode that's distinctive from animated efforts similar "Rebels" and The Clone Wars," which provided the instauration for "The Mandalorian" and person presented immoderate of the champion "Star Wars" tales since the archetypal trilogy.

      When "The Force Awakens" opened successful 2015, Lucas grumbled astir Disney's assertive enlargement plans for his instauration aft acquiring Lucasfilm, earlier walking backmost those remarks.

        Disney's determination into streaming has lone fueled the studio's appetite for much "Star Wars" content, which makes specified offshoots inevitable. Thankfully, "Star Wars: Visions" does so contiguous unsocial and intriguing visions, indicating there's plentifulness of country to experimentation with the marque -- successful this case, successful a mode that adjacent ol' George should appreciate.

        "Star Wars: Visions" premieres Sept. 22 connected Disney+.

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