Simmons prepared to go nuclear to force move

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Ben Simmons' standoff with the Philadelphia 76ers shows nary motion of ending, adjacent with the Australian facing the imaginable of being slapped with fines of up to $400,000 per game.

Simmons has not shown up for the Sixers' grooming camp aft demanding a commercialized and is prepared to beryllium retired an full play to unit a move, according to caller reports.

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The 25-year-old stands to suffer an astronomical magnitude of wealth if helium does so beryllium retired the full season.

According to ESPN's NBA wage guru Bobby Marks, Simmons volition beryllium deed with a $316,000 good for each accumulation and regular play crippled helium sits out, up to the 20th crippled of the season.

Ben Simmons appears adamant to get retired of Philadelphia by immoderate means imaginable (Getty)

From that constituent onwards, the fines summation to a whopping $418,000 from games 21-82 successful the regular season.

However, the imaginable of being deed with specified fines is not deterring Simmons, who is owed to gain astir $46m this play arsenic per his max contract.

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"When you speech to radical adjacent to Ben, I say: 'Okay, worst lawsuit script it takes each year, would helium beryllium each year?'... and the reply close present is yes," seasoned ESPN newsman Ramona Shelburne told The Jump.

"Now, you tin accidental that close present astatine the opening of grooming camp, you tin accidental that you're consenting to beryllium each twelvemonth if that's what it takes to get traded to a squad that you consciousness much comfy on.

Sixers manager Doc Rivers says helium 'thinks the world' of Ben Simmons contempt his playoff flameout past play (Getty)

"But let's spot what happens erstwhile you truly commencement missing cheques, you truly commencement missing basketball, and the league moves connected without you."

Despite the pugnacious speech coming retired of the Simmons camp, NBA expert Zach Lowe predicted that the Australian would yet travel backmost this season.

"I deliberation Simmons is showing up," helium said connected 'The Lowe Post'.

"I don't deliberation this is simply a full play holdout benignant of thing. I don't deliberation he's gonna wanna suffer 30 immoderate cardinal dollars helium makes. I don't cognize erstwhile I don't cognize if it's adjacent week, I don't cognize if it's successful 2 weeks.

"I don't cognize if it's successful a month. I deliberation Simmons is showing up."

Simmons' campy doesn't judge his concern with 76ers All-Star Joel Embiid is tenable (Getty)

The prospect, oregon threat, of sitting retired an full play comes conscionable days aft a study from The Athletic's Sam Amick which suggested that the Aussie believes his concern with All-Star teammate Joel Embiid "has tally its course".

"People who person intimate cognition of however helium sees this concern proceed to importune that he's done playing with Embiid," Amick wrote.

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"There's thing idiosyncratic astir this choice, it seems, but the 25-year-old Simmons has intelligibly decided that his vocation is amended disconnected without Embiid blocking the runways successful the overgarment that helium truthful severely needs to succeed.

"As helium sees it, sources say, the organization's prime to physique its hoops ecosystem astir Embiid's benignant simply isn't conducive to the mode helium needs to play.

"So portion Embiid insisted to reporters connected Monday that helium wants Simmons back, this overmuch is clear: The feeling is not mutual."

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