Simmons keeps promise as 76ers move on

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Australian NBA prima Ben Simmons was absent this greeting from the opening time of the Philadelphia 76ers' grooming camp.

Simmons' no-show from grooming campy was expected arsenic helium tries to transportation the 76ers to commercialized him, adjacent with $203 cardinal and 4 years near connected his contract.

The lone hint of the erstwhile franchise defender was an oversized framed photograph of Simmons connected the screen of "Slam" mag with the header "Kingdom Come."

In Sixers-land, kingdom come, kingdom go, each astatine the whim of an unhappy star.

Coach Doc Rivers clings to the belief, nevertheless improbable, that Simmons whitethorn amusement up astatine grooming campy oregon astatine immoderate constituent this play to effort to pb the Sixers backmost to the apical of the Eastern Conference.

Ben Simmons (Getty)

"I bash judge astatine immoderate constituent helium volition be," Rivers said. "Right now, I'm going to absorption connected the guys that are connected the floor. I deliberation that's much important."

It was revealed conscionable past week that three-time NBA All-Star had communicated to the organisation of his tendency to ne'er play for Philadelphia ever again.

"Ben Simmons volition not study for the opening of grooming campy adjacent week and intends to ne'er play different crippled for the franchise," highly-respected NBA newsman Adrian Wojnarowski revealed.

Ever since the 76ers bowed retired during past year's playoff series, Simmons, who was heavy criticised for his side's unsuccessful bid against the Atlanta Hawks, has been pushing for a trade, with reports suggesting helium would adjacent beryllium consenting to bargain himself out.

The absorption for the 76ers present is connected getting Tyrese Maxey first-team reps and acceptable for an accrued workload successful his 2nd play with the Sixers. The 20-year-old guard, who played astatine Kentucky, scored 39 points successful 44 minutes connected 18-of-33 shooting successful his archetypal vocation commencement against Denver.

Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons (Getty)

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"He's not a earthy constituent guard," Rivers said.

But his youthful energy, humour and knack for floaters astatine the close infinitesimal made Maxey an instant instrumentality favourite and has made him a acceptable for Simmons' starting spot, adjacent if the Sixers would instrumentality a tremendous deed defensively.

Maxey is astir 9 inches shorter than Simmons, an All-Defensive first-team selection, and needs betterment successful the one-on-one game. And Maxey could request clip to consciousness astatine easiness trying to pb a portion afloat of veterans and big-salary players utilized to winning.

"When you're astatine that constituent defender spot, playing astatine the one, is beryllium patient, beryllium poised," guardant Tobias Harris said aft practice. "Tyrese's top accomplishment is that velocity retired determination connected the level and being capable to decorativeness astatine the rim. He's a young player, but he's continuing to germinate into his game. I deliberation passim this grooming camp, we're going to spot much and much of him doing antithetic things helium feels comfy with."

Maxey has repeated his mantra of getting "one per cent better" each day, connected oregon disconnected the court. Maxey, who averaged 8 points successful 15.3 minutes past season, dedicated himself this summertime to movie survey and vowed to go a amended pupil of the game.

"I conscionable benignant of enactment my caput down and work," helium said.

The Sixers volition request it if they expect to enactment among the apical of the people successful the East.

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