Rolling Stones pay tribute to Charlie Watts as they finally kick off US tour

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(CNN)The Rolling Stones person marked their archetypal performance without precocious drummer Charlie Watts with an affectional onstage tribute.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood honored their bandmate of astir six decades arsenic they yet kicked disconnected their pandemic-delayed "No Filter" circuit astatine The Dome astatine America's Center successful St. Louis, Missouri connected Sunday night.

The amusement opened to an bare signifier with conscionable a drum beat, arsenic pictures and videos of Watts were projected connected 4 immense screens.

    When the radical emerged, Jagger shared with a packed stadium that: "It was truly rather emotional, seeing those pictures of Charlie up connected the large screen."

      A video tribute to Charlie Watts plays earlier  the Rolling Stones execute  successful  St. Louis, Missouri connected  Sunday.

      Watts, who performed alongside Jagger, Richards and Wood for much than 50 years, died past period astatine the property of 80.

      A spokesperson for the instrumentalist told CNN astatine the clip that Watts had passed distant peacefully successful a London hospital, surrounded by his family, adding that helium was "one of the top drummers of his generation."

      It was antecedently announced that Watts wouldn't instrumentality portion successful the circuit portion helium recovered from an unspecified aesculapian procedure.

      Jagger made it wide up of Sunday's performance that Watts' lack connected signifier would beryllium felt.

      "I indispensable accidental though, astatine this point, it's a spot of a poignant nighttime for america due to the fact that it's our archetypal circuit successful 59 years that we've done without our beauteous Charlie Watts. And we each miss Charlie truthful much," helium said successful a video shared connected Instagram.

      "We miss him arsenic a band, we miss him arsenic a person connected and disconnected the signifier and we've got truthful galore memories of Charlie -- and I'm definite immoderate of you that person seen america earlier person got memories of Charlie arsenic well.

      Mick Jagger leads Rolling Stones' tribute to drummer Charlie Watts

      "I anticipation you volition retrieve him similar we do, truthful we'd similar to dedicate this amusement to Charlie."

      The legendary British stone band's 13-date circuit had been scheduled for May 2020 earlier the coronavirus restrictions caused it to beryllium postponed.

        The set are scheduled to marque pit stops in, among others, Florida, Atlanta and Los Angeles earlier wrapping successful Austin, Texas connected November 20.

        Touring instrumentalist and longtime Stones subordinate Steve Jordan volition regenerate Watts connected drums for the duration of the tour.

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