Ricciardo's epic realisation in wake of Monza win

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After having a afloat week to fto his Italian Grand Prix triumph descend in, Australian Formula 1 operator Daniel Ricciardo has revealed his Monza triumph ranks "as bully arsenic any" among his vocation wins.

Ricciardo broke an agonising drought stretching backmost to May 2018 erstwhile helium took the chequered emblem successful Monza aboriginal past Monday greeting (AEST), edging McLaren teammate Lando Norris and Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas.

It was the 32-year-old's eighth expansive prix triumph and his archetypal since taking triumph successful Monaco successful 2018.

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"As bully arsenic any, arsenic bully arsenic any," Ricciardo said successful an interrogation with Roz Kelly connected Nine's Sports Sunday.

"I deliberation the precocious I got from it – honestly, it matched Monaco, and that 1 was truly peculiar for me.

"(I'm) inactive benignant of conscionable riding the precocious of the play ... I haven't rather travel down yet."

A jubilant Daniel Ricciardo aft taking triumph successful Monza. (Getty)

Ricciardo achieved each 1 of his archetypal 7 vocation wins with Red Bull, opening with a Canadian Grand Prix triumph successful 2014.

The Western Australian near Red Bull for Renault aft the 2018 season, amid concerns that teammate Max Verstappen was receiving preferential treatment.

But helium managed conscionable 54 points for a ninth-placed decorativeness successful the 2019 satellite title standings, earlier collecting 119 points for a fifth-placed decorativeness successful 2020.

Ricciardo departed Renault aft being convinced that he'd person a amended accidental of winning a satellite title rubric with McLaren.

Daniel Ricciardo celebrating his Italian Grand Prix victory. (Getty)

Not lone had McLaren leapfrogged Renault successful finishing 4th successful the 2019 constructors satellite championship, McLaren had announced it'd beryllium switching from a Renault motor to the all-powerful Mercedes power-unit for 2021.

But Ricciardo's determination to McLaren would bring much frustration, with the seasoned signaling conscionable 2 top-five placings and zero podium finishes implicit the archetypal 13 rounds of the season.

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Over the aforesaid period, inferior teammate Norris registered 9 top-five placings and 3 podium finishes.

Daniel Ricciardo during his embattled 2 seasons with Renault. (Getty)

Ricciardo's 'shoey', understandably, was thoroughly enjoyed.

"It was decidedly 1 of the sweetest ones yet," Ricciardo said.

"It had been a agelong clip ... and this play itself has decidedly been my astir challenging. So that made the 'shoey' and that infinitesimal each the sweeter, I would say."

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When asked what helium had learned astir himself since his 2018 triumph successful Monaco, Ricciardo answered without hesitation.

Daniel Ricciardo smashes a 'shoey' aft winning the Italian Grand Prix. (Getty)

"How overmuch I loved it," Ricciardo said.

"Like immoderate days, for sure, I couldn't permission the way speedy capable connected a Sunday. After a atrocious contention ... you conscionable privation to get retired of determination and enactment a atrocious week away. But what follows a play similar that, connected accidental a Monday, connected a Tuesday, is conscionable an strength that made maine realise conscionable however overmuch I emotion it."

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