Power star 'changed the Brownlow forever'

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Brownlow Medal victor Ollie Wines was toasted connected Sunday night, and delivered a sensational speech aft receiving the Charlie.

The Port Adelaide prima claimed the Brownlow aft earning the equal-most votes ever (36) sharing the grounds acceptable by Dustin Martin successful 2017.

After receiving his Medal from two-time recipient Nat Fyfe from Fremantle Dockers, Wines spoke connected signifier astir his footy roots, and however helium admired erstwhile Blues prima Andrew Walker who besides hailed from Echuca.

"Andrew Walker I grew up idolising - a section lad who got drafted to Carlton," Wines said.

Ollie Wines is interviewed aft being presented the Brownlow Medal (Getty)

"One of my fondest memories of him was my dada utilized to beryllium a runner for Moama seniors successful the Murray League. On the mode backmost erstwhile I was a young tacker we utilized to halt and get a six-pack and a spot of pork crackle for me.

"I utilized to ringing up (radio host) Rex Hunt and inquire astir Andrew Walker's stats. I ever got done each week. Rex would archer maine Andrew Walker's stats.

"I deliberation arsenic a young fella from a state municipality similar that you privation to travel your idols and those guys were the champion examples. It would've been successful the aboriginal 2000s erstwhile Rex was inactive calling. I'd get done and speech astir Andrew Walker and my Blues."

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Wines was gracious successful recognising his teammates and peers for his "team award", including nine president David Koch, manager Ken Hinkley and seasoned Port Adelaide person Travis Boak.

Wines showcased his consciousness of humour excessively - conscionable 1 crushed he's 1 of the astir likable players successful the game.

At 1 constituent successful his code helium had the assemblage successful stitches erstwhile helium teased Port Adelaide teammate Tom Clurey. Wines thanked his teammates who had joined him successful Perth for the Brownlow Medal ceremony aft proceeding that helium was "a spot of a chance", earlier throwing a cheeky changeable astatine his "best mate", Clurey.

"There were a batch of guys that weren't a accidental of polling votes, ....Tom Clurey," Wines said, overmuch to the amusement of those successful attendance.

"Thanks to Tom. He's astir apt my champion mate and we were drafted together. Thanks, Tom. He asked for the after-party invitation truthful he's got that."

Wines besides cracked a gag astir Koch's rivalry with erstwhile Collingwood president Eddie McGuire, some of whom were incapable to question to Perth for the Brownlow Medal oregon AFL expansive last owed to WA's strict borderline rules amid the pandemic.

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"I cognize Kochie tried to get implicit present contiguous and wasn't allowed in. He'd beryllium a spot level due to the fact that Eddie couldn't get successful but helium couldn't either," Wines joked.

"He sent maine a fewer messages contiguous and he's been ace for our footy club. When I was drafted, Ken [Hinkley], Kochie and Hinkley were the 3 successful complaint and what they've done to our footy nine and the absorption they've turned america successful is enormous."

Koch shared a video telephone with Wines aft his triumph and tweeted his congratulations to the Power star.

"At the extremity of a s---ty week [Ollie Wines] and [Travis Boak] correspond what [Port Adelaide Football Club] is each about… elite some connected and disconnected the field," Koch tweeted.

"I cannot judge it," Koch was heard telling Wines connected the video call.

"Fantastic, we've got the full household here.

"You spoke truthful well. We are incredibly arrogant of you – the archetypal Port Adelaide Brownlow Medallist. Bloody hell... truthful arrogant of you."

In his speech, Wines besides referenced his family's devotion to footy erstwhile helium was increasing up, and connected 3AW connected Monday morning, his parent Jane said helium hadn't changed from the excited kid who utilized to ringing up the vigor presumption to chat to Rex Hunt.

"His bosom is arsenic large arsenic Phar Lap," she told 3AW.

"He hasn't changed 1 bit. He's conscionable grown and grown. He's a hard worker.

"He truly deserved this. I loved his speech. It's each astir the team, it genuinely is with Ollie."

Wines began celebrating his accomplishment with a clink of his schooner of brew with AFL committee president Richard Goyder connected signifier successful Perth, arsenic astir the state footy fans lauded Wines' triumph arsenic good arsenic his speech.

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Brownlow triumph successful pictures: Port Adelaide weapon Ollie Wines takes retired 'Charlie' successful heart-stopping count

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