Poll: For the First Time, a Majority of Republicans Say They’ve Received at Least One Dose of Covid Vaccine

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For the archetypal time, a bulk of Republicans accidental they’ve received astatine slightest 1 dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, the largest monthly summation since April. That’s according to a caller Gallup poll released today.

75% percent of respondents said they were vaccinated against Covid-19 a six-point summation from August. Additionally, 80% said they either are vaccinated oregon program to beryllium vaccinated, the highest tally frankincense acold successful each of 2021.

Compared to Republicans, 68% of independents and 92% of Democrats said they are slightest partially vaccinated against Covid-19.

“Still, Republicans clasp the lowest vaccination complaint of immoderate large subgroup of Americans. By contrast, much than 70% of men and women, White and non-White adults, and adults successful each 4 large regions of the state accidental they person been vaccinated,” Gallup reports.

“The comparatively crisp upturn successful U.S. adults being vaccinated this period follows an eventful play successful the pandemic,” Gallup reports. “Public interest astir contracting COVID-19 has been higher the past 2 months amidst a spike successful infections astir the state owed to the delta variant of the coronavirus. Forty percent of adults present accidental they are precise oregon somewhat disquieted astir being infected, akin to 39% successful August but up from 29% successful July and 17% successful June.”

Gallup noted that the summation besides comes aft the Food and Drug Administration gave afloat support to the Pfizer vaccine.

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