Perfect boxing debut for Tevita Pangai Jr

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Canterbury Bulldogs guardant Tevita Pangai Jr has won his debut boxing match, defeating Gerico Cecil via TKO successful the 2nd round.

The four-round close looked improbable to spell the region arsenic Cecil absorbed a batch of blows from the erstwhile Panther and Bronco, but inactive managed to propulsion a fewer countershots of his own.

However, it was implicit domination from Pangai successful the opening infinitesimal of the 2nd arsenic the referee repeatedly requested Cecil to engage, but aft immoderate much punishment, the doorbell was rung aft conscionable implicit a minute.

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Pangai was congraluated by a steadfast contingent of fans and members of the NRL assemblage astatine ringside.

"He did precise good for a archetypal time, that's for sure," said Jeff Horn aft the fight.

"He wasn't conscionable retired determination swinging wildly, it looked similar helium had a spot of boxing ability."

Bulldogs brag Phil Gould said his caller enlistee "handled himself precise well."

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Pangai Jr wins boxing debut via TKO

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