Penrith X-factor facing million dollar decision

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A twelve clubs are expected to pursuit Penrith juggernaut Viliame Kikau aft Sunday's expansive last - but helium is acceptable to cull them all.

In a daze determination starring into the biggest crippled of the year, Kikau has told mates helium could ne'er play against his beloved Panthers.

That leaves Kikau with 2 choices - signing a caller woody astatine Penrith oregon a power to rugby union.

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The 15-a-side crippled is keen to motion the wide-running guardant and could connection him the cardinal dollar woody helium craves.

Penrith volition bash it pugnacious to lucifer that benignant of money, but Kikau and his household are good settled successful the country and helium whitethorn instrumentality unders to stay.

Kikau is disconnected declaration astatine the extremity of adjacent season, meaning rival clubs tin speech to him from November 1.

However rugby national franchises don't person to obey that regularisation and tin attack the large portion anytime.

Kikau is the x-factor successful Penrith's premiership situation - if helium fires connected Sunday nighttime past the Panthers volition person 1 manus connected the trophy.

Fogarty aboriginal inactive not finalised

The Titans person said 'no deal' to Canberra successful their petition to motion halfback Jamal Fogarty - but don't beryllium amazed if determination is simply a twist to the tale.

The Raiders are perfectly hopeless to motion a prime halfback pursuing the nonaccomplishment of Englishman George Williams mid-season - and their consequent autumn from grace.

Jamal Fogarty runs the shot successful the Titans' last against the Roosters. (Getty)

I'm proceeding the Raiders are acceptable to person different ace astatine Fogarty and a gathering betwixt the 2 clubs and the talented halfback's absorption has been pencilled successful for aboriginal this week.

The Titans person a ready-made replacement for Fogarty successful young Toby Sexton, who looked precise crisp erstwhile fixed his accidental astatine NRL level precocious successful the season.

Surprise contention for Taaffe

Impressive rookie Blake Taaffe is the front-runner to regenerate Adam Reynolds successful the fig 7 jumper astatine Souths - but helium could look immoderate unexpected absorption for the spot agelong term.

Rabbitohs officials are raving to maine astir an 18-year-old inferior backmost who is connected people to articulation the Bunnies' fulltime squad successful coming years.

Blake Taaffe (Getty)

Leon Te Hau was signed done the Rabbitohs' South-East Queensland Elite Player Development Satellite programme and is held successful specified precocious esteem by the nine that helium is nether fastener and cardinal until the extremity of 2024.

A Queensland nether 18s fullback, helium has the accomplishment to play anyplace successful the backline and volition beryllium conscionable 1 of an breathtaking batch of rookie Rabbitohs to ticker adjacent season.

Evans connected the determination again

Kane Evans' days successful the NRL look to beryllium numbered with the Warriors prepared to propulsion wealth into the cookware to get him a declaration successful the UK.

The erstwhile Roosters and Eels prop joined the Kiwi nine connected large wealth this play but failed to occurrence and the Warriors present privation to chopped their losses.

Kane Evans of the Warriors. (Getty)

Evans has been a disappointment connected and disconnected the tract and nary rival NRL clubs are showing immoderate interest.

Big and strong, the Fijian planetary could inactive beryllium a unit successful Super League and respective British clubs are connected the lookout for a go-forward mediate man.

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