Officials react to F1 super brat's latest drama

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Haas rookie Nikita Mazepin's latest on-track contention "isn't going to beryllium tolerated" by the FIA, the governing assemblage of satellite motorsport says.

But the FIA has revealed that Mazepin, who has compiled a weighty off-track shame file, isn't needfully of greater interest than the remainder of the grid, pursuing his blocking determination connected Yuki Tsunoda of AlphaTauri during the Russian Grand Prix.

Mazepin was shown the black-and-white emblem for blocking Tsunoda erstwhile the Japanese operator attempted, with the usage of DRS, to overtake him done crook 12 of the Sochi circuit.

Mazepin swerved to his left, forcing Tsunoda to brake abruptly truthful helium wouldn't clang into a wall.

"What the f--k!" a furious Tsunoda said connected radio.

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Haas rookie Nikita Mazepin. (Getty)

FIA Formula 1 contention manager Michael Masi has revealed his instrumentality connected Mazepin's determination and his increasing on-track rap sheet.

"It's 1 of those things that we've seen a fewer times and we've issued black-and-whites for before. It's unsportsmanlike behaviour and it's not thing we're going to tolerate," Masi told The Race.

"He's astir apt had a fewer stewards' visits, but I deliberation if you went done and had a look astatine it each determination are astir apt different drivers that are up there, oregon person had more.

"I wouldn't suggest determination is thing untoward oregon a concern."

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While Mazepin was lone warned for his blocking determination connected Tsunoda, the Russian youngster copped 4 penalties implicit the archetypal 15 rounds of this year's satellite championship.

His well-documented feud with Haas teammate Mick Schumacher deed its climax erstwhile helium received a five-second punishment and a constituent connected his licence for causing a collision astatine the Italian Grand Prix.

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Nika Mazepin of Haas starring Nicholas Latifi of Williams during the Russian Grand Prix. (Getty)

"We look astatine and analyse each incidental connected its ain merits," Masi said.

"If it is worthy investigating evidently the stewards volition analyse it, and they person a look astatine it based connected the grounds that is earlier them and past deem if a punishment is oregon isn't necessary.

"We justice incidents based connected what occurs. Someone's peculiar driving style? I would suggest we person got 20 antithetic driving styles, subtly, retired there."

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