Monster Hunter Rise Is Getting Big Doses Of Ghost 'N Goblins And Sonic The Hedgehog

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Monster Hunter Rise is astir to get spookier earlier going supersonic. Capcom announced during its Tokyo Game Show Monster Hunter Spotlight that 2 caller collaborations are successful the works, archetypal with Ghost ‘N Goblins: Resurrection and past Sonic the Hedgehog. 

On October 29, hunters volition soon person the materials to make layered armor based connected Ghost ‘N Goblin’s hero, Arthur. Besides making your huntsman lucifer the chivalrous knight, the peculiar lawsuit features euphony from the game, including the classical taxable song.

Sometime aft that, Sonic the Hedgehog celebrates its 30th day successful benignant by crossing implicit into Monster Hunter. While it’s not the archetypal clip the 2 franchises person collided – a akin collaboration took spot successful Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – Capcom promises this mash-up volition beryllium adjacent grander. However, it didn’t person immoderate details to stock regarding what the collaboration entails. 

These collaborations articulation erstwhile crossovers specified arsenic Street Fighter and Mega Man and won’t beryllium the lone updates hitting the game. Rise’s archetypal large expansion, Sunbreak, was precocious announced and launches successful 2022.

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