Monster dust storm leads to 'scary' crash in S5000s

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Mount Panorama has been rocked by yet different large crash, this clip successful the S5000s arsenic a monster collision betwixt 2 cars caused a agelong stoppage.

The incidental occurred successful the archetypal thigh of the S5000 Tasman Series contention arsenic the cars went down to The Chase erstwhile Joey Mawson was trying to get past Jordan Boys portion travelling astatine astir 290 km/h.

However, Mawson lone managed to clip the rear of Boys' car, sending him spinning into the soil and backmost crossed the track.

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The collision caused a upland of particulate to puff up, blinding drivers who followed, and Japanese operator Yoshi Katayama ran consecutive disconnected the way and into Boys' car arsenic a result.

Due to the messiness connected the track, the contention was reddish flagged earlier yet being restarted.

Katayama went head-first into Boys' stationery car aft being blinded by the particulate tempest (FOX Sports)

"Oh my goodness me! He got a immense toed connected Jordan Boys. He looked down the wrong and determination was nary country there," Richard Craill said connected commentary for Fox Sports.

"[Boys was] the unwitting recipient of a car coming crossed successful a particulate storm. Lucky determination wasn't immoderate much important aerial events from those cars launching disconnected the rear wheel."

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"From my constituent of view, it looks similar helium evidently didn't spot me," Mawson explained aft the collision with Boys.

"I pulled retired [and] I got a bully tally and arsenic soon arsenic I turned successful helium conscionable closed the door, truthful I'm guessing helium didn't expect maine to travel up the wrong truthful precocious into the straight.

"It was a spot scary from my constituent of view, and I'm conscionable hoping he's good mainly."

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