Monday’s meme-stock action was all about renewable energy and faded smiles

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Meme stocks followed their aged signifier to commencement the week, and by “old pattern” we mean full idiosyncrasy involving renewables and faded smiles.

Shares successful GameStop GME, +2.33% started disconnected the week successful the greenish contempt a flurry of not-so-positive quality astir the stock. In summation to the Securities and Exchange Commission charging 2 traders for lavation trading GameStop and different meme stocks, “The Big Short” investor-turned-GameStop mega-bull Michael Burry tweeted — past deleted — an acknowledgment that helium had been subpoenaed by the SEC arsenic portion of its probe into January’s manic abbreviated compression connected the stock.

AMC Entertainment AMC, -1.77% had a rougher lawsuit of “The Mondays,” arsenic the theatre chain’s shares finished down to commencement the week, perchance owed successful portion to Disney DIS, +1.28% Chief Executive Bob Chapek saying publically connected Friday that his institution is nary longer committing to exclusive theatrical releases aft 2021.  

A large caller inclination for retail investors has been playing successful the shorted and ever-deeper excavation of green-energy stocks.

One caller meme banal that is truly enjoying the week truthful acold is Clean Energy Fuels Corp. CLNE, +13.73%, which closed up 13.7% aft the heavily-shorted vigor banal saw its measurement of mentions connected societal media soar by astir 10,000% connected Monday, according to HypeEquity. 

Adding to the retail fervor was the information that the CEO and president of the renewable-energy company, Andrew J. Littlefair, would beryllium doing an “Ask Me Anything” interrogation with Redditors aft the closing bell. 

In announcing the lawsuit past week, Littlefair took a leafage from the allegorical absorption publication of AMC CEO-turned-“King Silverback” Adam Aron, posting connected a subreddit dedicated to CLNE banal that “I’ve truly grown to admit this community. I work galore of your posts and it’s evident that you bash your homework.”

On the flip broadside of that clean-energy equation was Canoo GOEV, -7.96%. The EV shaper had been feasting connected retail investors’ attraction going into the week, with shares up much than 38% betwixt Wednesday and Friday, but fell astir 8% connected Monday. In summation to retail investors starting to dispersed their involvement to different EV stocks similar Nio NIO, +3.93% and Nikola NKLA, +2.49%, social-media measurement connected Canoo was up much than 1,000% connected the day. Most of the comments, however, included references to “Call” options and the banal being already “Bought.”

But wherefore not extremity Monday with a smile?

Smile Direct Club SDC, +4.75% ended up 4.75% connected the time aft taking it connected the chin past week, erstwhile it fell much than 12%.

While enactment connected the banal was up again, and determination remained murmurs of an concern lawsuit that radical stuck looking astatine themselves connected Zoom meetings successful their ain homes are much anxious than ever to get their teeth whitened, it appeared to galore connected Reddit that Smile Direct was up successful ample portion owed to spammers inundating the committee with mentions and artificially boosting the banal price.

That thesis was backed up by a bid of eerily akin posts boosting Smile Direct banal touting a bull lawsuit for the teledentistry outfit predicated mostly connected buying into the banal present oregon “sucking a abdominous chode.”

In either case, there’s ever Tuesday.

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