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Reigning Supercars champion Scott McLaughlin could beryllium a contender for the IndyCar rubric arsenic soon arsenic 2023, according to starring commentator Neil Crompton.

McLaughlin, who won 3 consecutive Supercars championships from 2018-2020, has conscionable wrapped up his archetypal afloat play of IndyCars, wherever helium finished 14th overall, claiming Rookie of the Year honours.

The precocious constituent of McLaughlin's play came successful Texas, with a 2nd spot decorativeness successful his precise archetypal oval race.

Speaking to Wide World of Sports up of the merchandise of his autobiography, Best Seat successful the House, Crompton said McLaughlin's 2021 play sets him up perfectly for the future.

Scott McLaughlin successful enactment for Penske astatine Barber Motorsports Park. (Getty)

"I expected he'd conflict initially, due to the fact that helium hasn't had clip successful cars that are arsenic aerodynamically delicate arsenic the IndyCar is," helium explained.

"Actually driving the contention car, I ne'er had immoderate doubts helium would beryllium successful. It's the tiny item successful the inheritance that takes time. Things similar way traits, weather, setup, what you privation to adjust, and by however much, those things are rather hard to learn.

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"You tin spot the underlying gait helium has, helium was truly speedy a fewer times during the year. It volition travel to him for sure. He'll precise apt make wins successful 2022, and I deliberation he'll beryllium a contender for the title successful 2023 oregon 2024.

"He's 1 of those freaks that's close retired determination astatine the precise borderline of performance."

Scott McLaughlin won 3 consecutive Supercars titles. (Supercars)

Crompton knows amended than astir astir making the accommodation from Supercars to an IndyCar. He doubly finished connected the podium astatine the Bathurst 1000 implicit a 15-year vocation successful the sport, which included a trial successful an IndyCar successful 1996.

"We're precise fortunate present successful Australia, the guys successful Supercars who are astatine the highest of their powers tin clasp their caput up precocious anyplace successful the world," helium said.

"Shane van Gisbergen is satellite class, arsenic is Jamie Whincup, and others, including Chaz Mostert and Cam Waters.

"Any of the top-10 present successful Supercars would bash good overseas."

Whether that overseas accidental presents itself is different question, with Crompton noting the large situation for Australian drivers is uncovering an unfastened door, which unluckily is often tied to money.

Scott McLaughlin during signifier for the Indy500. (Getty)

That concern is highlighted by the existent struggles of F2 title person Oscar Piastri, with the 20-year-old from Melbourne stranded successful his bid to marque the leap to F1 not due to the fact that helium lacks the talent, but due to the fact that different drivers person a multi-million dollar warfare chest.

"It's the large vexation with our sport, the quality of tennis oregon cricket oregon play is that you don't request a multi-million dollar portion of machinery to get the occupation done," Crompton said.

"If I went up and down the Supercars pitlane time and asked the drivers if they'd similar to thrust an IndyCar, they'd beryllium falling implicit themselves to motion up for the chance.

Roger Penske (left) and Australia's Will Power with the Indy 500 trophy (AAP)

"But not lone bash you request the car, but you request the operational aspects astir you arsenic well. That's the quality of Scott's situation, he's gone to a five-star, A-grade operation, and fixed he's a five-star, A-grade driver, it's conscionable a substance of clip earlier that clicks."

The "operation" Crompton refers to is nary different than Team Penske, a juggernaut that has won the title 14 times, and the iconic Indy 500 connected 18 occasions, headed up by the legendary Roger Penske, who wrote the guardant for Best Seat successful the House.

"He's up determination with the implicit who's who of the industry, alongside Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari," Crompton said.

"He's specified a tremendous relation and a large mentor."

Best Seat successful the House is connected merchantability present from your favourite bookshop oregon online.

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