Marvel's Midnight Suns Game Informer Cover Time-Lapse

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Look, we're biased, but Game Informer covers are a fantastic thing. Whether they supply a fascinating look astatine the past of the video crippled manufacture oregon are plain mesmerizing to behold, anytime we get to unveil a new cover is a peculiar one. But however does 1 of these beauties get made? As a portion of our exclusive sum connected Marvel's Midnight Suns, we're pulling backmost the curtain and showing you the making of our latest cover.

Ryan Stegman, whose exceptional talent has stretched from Venom to X-Men, was gracious capable to not lone hold to gully our astir caller screen but movie his process plastering Wolverine, Iron Man, and much of your favourite superheroes clad successful their swanky caller achromatic and golden armor onto the latest contented of Game Informer!

Fans of Marvel's Midnight Suns person conscionable a spot longer to hold earlier the crippled launches successful March 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. But that's wherefore you came to Game Informer to tide you implicit until then, right?

Be definite to cheque retired our colossal screen hub linked beneath for looks astatine the newest crippled from Firaxis, including our exclusive hands-on impressions of our clip playing the game, a primer into who the Suns volition beryllium squaring disconnected against, and different variation of our Rapid-Fire interrogation with Jake Solomon, the game's originative director. You could besides beryllium asking yourself, "Who are the Midnight Suns?" We person you covered there, too, arsenic our ain online contented manager and Marvel instrumentality Ben Reeves spent immoderate clip detailing the group's history and who you'll beryllium warring alongside erstwhile the crippled releases aboriginal adjacent year. Thanks, arsenic always, for watching, and beryllium definite to fto america cognize what you thought of the video successful the comments below!

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