LIVE: 'Tyson-esque' UFC star's troubling admission

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McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo intelligibly has 1 oculus connected UFC 266 up of the Russian Grand Prix.

The Australian F1 prima sent a outcry retired to Aussie champion Alexander Volkanovski, who volition enactment his featherweight title connected the enactment against erstwhile rubric challenger Brian Ortega successful the main event.

"Volk it's clip mate, we've been hanging retired for this one," helium said successful a video posted connected societal media.

"I cognize you can't hold to get backmost successful there, looking guardant to seeing you bash your thing.

"Relentless pressure, ft connected the gas, commencement to finish. It's going to beryllium a bully one. We got your backmost mate. Get aft it."

Volkanovski volition marque his 2nd rubric defence against Ortega, who helium was expected to combat earlier this twelvemonth earlier investigating affirmative for COVID-19.

Tensions are precocious betwixt some men aft they competed arsenic rival coaches connected the The Ultimate Fighter.

Other awesome fights connected the main paper see Valentina Shevchenko defending the women's flyweight title against Lauren Murphy, portion hardcore MMA fans get a accidental to spot Nick Diaz successful enactment again.

Diaz, 38, hasn't competed nether the UFC banner since a combat with Anderson Silva astir 7 years ago.

In an interrogation with ESPN connected combat week, Diaz admitted helium truly doesn't privation to combat and that helium tried to get distant from warring implicit the past six years, but was pulled backmost due to the fact that that's the lone happening helium tin bash for himself.

When asked if determination was thing astir the comeback helium could enjoy, helium instantly responded, "No. Nothing."

Those comments would beryllium viewed arsenic a reddish emblem for immoderate promoter, particularly connected combat week, but UFC brag Dana White said the Diaz brothers are different.

"The mainstream media doesn't cognize Nick Diaz similar we cognize Nick Diaz," White told reporters connected Friday (via ESPN MMA). "You ne'er cognize what to expect erstwhile you locomotion into combat week with Nick.

"I was expecting thing was possible. I didn't cognize if helium was going to amusement up to immoderate of this worldly oregon what helium was going to do. But similar I ever accidental astir the Diaz bothers you cognize they're going to amusement up connected Saturday and you cognize they're going to fight."

"When you speech to him he's precise Tyson-eque. He reminds maine of Tyson," said White. "When you speech to Tyson and erstwhile Tyson is not successful the close temper he'll archer you each the things that helium hates astir fighting.

"When he's successful the close temper he'll archer you each the things that helium loves astir fighting. He has this love-hate narration with the combat crippled similar Mike does. They're precise akin successful the mode that they talk and if you drawback them successful the close mood."

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