Jim Jordan Is About To Face His Best Funded Challenger Ever In Jeff Sites

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Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) Democratic challenger  Jeff Sites has announced that helium has raised $800,000 and volition beryllium Jordan’s best-funded challenger ever.

The Sites run announced successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA:

 Democratic U.S. Army seasoned and warehouse manager Jeff Sites continues to enactment Rep. Jim Jordan connected announcement successful the Ohio Fourth Congressional District, raising much than $160,000 successful the 3rd fundraising 4th of 2021 to walk $800,000 for the cycle.

With much than a twelvemonth to spell earlier Election Day, Sites is acceptable to beryllium amended financed than immoderate Jordan hostile to date. Almost 25,000 small-dollar donors nationwide person contributed an mean of $33 to his campaign, arsenic Jeff’s communicative of working-class conflict keeps striking a chord with mean Americans.

Rep. Jordan’s run committee and enactment PAC person combined to rise $7.4 million. Jordan is simply a nationalist fig successful Republican circles, and helium spends a batch of his clip filling his run coffers with cash.

Can Jim Sites Mount A Serious Challenge To Jim Jordan?

“Jim Jordan’s been playing the aforesaid crippled for a decennary and a fractional successful Washington, D.C.: attention-grabbing stunts to get headlines and shamelessly selling retired moving folks for firm cash. We’re fed up with it, and we’re going to marque him reply for it,” Sites said. “Our run is going to instrumentality the combat to Jim Jordan similar nary 1 ever has before.”

Even with his fundraising records for a Jordan challenger, Sites is going to beryllium heavy outspent by Jordan, but dissimilar galore Democratic challengers successful Republican districts, Mr. Sites volition person resources to enactment with, and this information gives him a accidental to equine a superior challenge.

Democratic challengers successful reddish districts are often earnestly underfunded, truthful it is bully to spot Democrats stepping up. Jim Jordan needs to beryllium challenged, and Jeff Sites is going to springiness voters a existent choice.

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