Jen Psaki Takes Down Fox News As Peter Doocy Hysterically Claims Pregnant Women At Lying At The Border

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Fox News’s Peter Doocy tried to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment and weirdly attacked large women but was changeable down by Jen Psaki.


Peter Doocy claims that a flood of women claiming to beryllium large are causing a borderline crisis.

Jen Psaki responds, "You deliberation large women airs a large menace to the borderline into the borderline community. You deliberation that's a large issue?"

Doocy, "You archer me."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 23, 2021

Peter Doocy said, “You accidental the borderline is not open, but we have been told by our teams connected the ground that you are releasing beauteous overmuch all of the household unit, couples where the pistillate says that she is pregnant, oregon azygous women who accidental that they are pregnant. That cipher really has to take a gestation trial unless they privation to.”

White House Press Secretary Psaki asked, “Are you suggesting don’t believe successful women accidental they’re pregnant, and is that a big issue we deliberation astatine the border? “

Doocy went afloat Fox News, “I’m not successful complaint of keeping the borders secured. You guys are.”

Psaki, “You deliberation large women pose a large menace to the border into the borderline community. You deliberation that’s a large issue?”

Doocy kept it up, “You archer me. “

Finally, Psaki, Put an extremity to Doocy’s anti-pregnant women fever dream, “I’m not alert that large women are a large interest for people astatine the border. I volition cognize for you, Peter, and what I said earlier that there is a process if radical cannot be expelled nether Title 42 for a range of regions. Part of that is the state they come from, oregon different countries, including Mexico, whitethorn not judge families with children under the property of seven. “

Psaki explained, “They placed into removal proceedings that necessitate them to either spell to detention facility volition necessitate them to get a announcement to appear, and including providing biometric data, and different truthful that we can guarantee that we cognize where they are, and we conjure that we cognize erstwhile they volition come back. So that is what the process is. If determination is simply a large outrage about pregnant women, I’m not tracking it.”

Fox News Thinks Pregnant Women Are Lying And Spreading COVID In The South.

Republicans similar Gov. Greg Abbott person been blaming immigrants for the dispersed of COVID successful the South for months, truthful Doocy’s effort to blasted immigrants for the dispersed of COVID was an escalation of the disinformation, but it was his peculiarly unusual assertion that large women connected the borderline are a large occupation that was some racist and absurd.

Doocy was playing connected the aged racist Republican trope of large women coming to the US to person their babies.

Jen Psaki wasn’t having it and highlighted the misogyny, racism, and ugliness that Doocy and Fox News are pushing.

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