Jak And Daxter: Naughty Dog Leads And Other PlayStation Devs Reflect On The Precursor Legacy's 20th Anniversary

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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, the Naughty Dog-developed platformer that spawned 2 sequels and aggregate spinoffs, is present 20 years old, and to observe the anniversary, Sony has rounded up immoderate retrospective thoughts from Naughty Dog devs and different PlayStation workplace leads. 

Hitting PlayStation 2 connected December 3, 2001, The Precursor Legacy is officially 20 years old, and arsenic noted by Sony Interactive Entertainment contented communications manager, Tim Turi, who wrote today’s PlayStation Blog post, it marks an absorbing constituent for Naughty Dog. Today, Naughty Dog is champion known for Uncharted and The Last of Us, but earlier those 2 franchises, their breadstuff and food was Jak and Daxter, the bid the workplace developed aft its bout of Crash Bandicoot games. 

Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells recalled the trouble successful designing an unfastened satellite for The Precursor Legacy. 

“The biggest happening I learned was the situation of designing an unfastened satellite crippled without utilizing load times,” Wells writes. “We acceptable retired from the commencement to plan a satellite and not levels similar we were utilized to coming from Crash, and we made it a regularisation that if you could spot it, you could locomotion (or vessel oregon fly) to it and that erstwhile you reached a gathering oregon cave that you could spell wrong and that the wrong would person to acceptable wrong the abstraction that the exterior could support. It wasn’t easy.” 

Naughty Dog elder method creator Charlotte Francis said physics for The Precursor Legacy was 1 of the astir breathtaking aspects of processing the game. 

“I retrieve being truly excited astir the physics that had been added to the enactment span by the programmers, due to the fact that we had enactment bridges connected Crash Bandicoot, but they did not person physics connected them,” Francis said. “We were jumping up and down connected the span and marveling astir however it reacted to Jak jumping connected it.” 

Bend Studio engineering manager Darren Chisum said Jak and Daxter broke a batch of ground, citing that the graphics were “top-of-the-line astatine the time” and that the crippled “allowed you to play done precise ample areas without loading screens,” thing we mightiness instrumentality for granted today. Insomniac Games quality assurance analyst, Heather Finley, said they callback their grandma owning a console conscionable truthful her grandkids could play The Precursor Legacy. 

“I volition everlastingly retrieve however hard it was, arsenic a kid, to transverse the Volcanic Crater connected the A-Grav Zoomer oregon however hard it was to drawback 200 pounds of food for that darn fisherman,” Finley said. “It was the archetypal crippled that I genuinely considered a favourite of mine. I adjacent mentioned Jak and Daxter erstwhile I was interviewing for Insomniac due to the fact that it had specified a immense interaction connected my beingness and emotion for games.” 

For much astir Jak and Daxter, cheque retired this communicative astir however Naughty Dog is not moving connected a caller Jak and Daxter contempt the rumors it is. 

Did you play Jak and Daxter? Which 1 is your favorite? Let america cognize successful the comments below! 

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