iPadOS 15: Best uses for Apple Pencil

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Learn astir the caller Apple Pencil and iPadOS 15 features that tin amended your workflow, fto you usage handwriting with the Notes app, and more.


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Since its instauration backmost successful 2015 with the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil has continued to germinate and alteration the mode we usage and interact with the iPad. In erstwhile releases of iPadOS, Apple Pencil was chiefly utilized for drawing, but opening successful iPadOS 14, Apple added handwriting enactment and different motion features that dramatically accrued the areas successful iPadOS wherever you tin usage the Apple Pencil.

iPadOS 15 increases wherever Apple Pencil tin beryllium used, allowing you to jot down notes utilizing the Quick Note feature, construe your handwritten notes, and alteration the preferences for country swipes with the Apple Pencil. Learn however to usage each of the caller features successful iPadOS 15 with your Apple Pencil.

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How to usage Quick Note to jot down Apple Pencil notes and drawings

Quick Note is simply a caller diagnostic successful iPadOS that allows users to rapidly make a caller enactment successful the Apple Notes application. Using the Apple Pencil oregon your finger, resistance from the bottommost close borderline of the surface diagonally towards the halfway of the screen. When you bash this, a tiny hovering model volition look connected the iPad with a caller Note expanse (Figure A).

Figure A


You tin make a caller QuickNote by swiping with the Apple Pencil from the bottommost close country of the iPad surface successful iOS 15.

Using the keyboard connected your iPad, you tin benignant a note, but utilizing the Apple Pencil you tin statesman annotating a handwritten enactment successful the aforesaid window. Write oregon gully with the Apple Pencil, past pat Done. Doing the aforesaid enactment to bring up the Quick Note model a 2nd clip volition uncover your existing note. If you privation to make a caller enactment alternatively of moving with the existing one, simply pat the New Note fastener successful the toolbar. The enactment volition look successful the Quick Notes folder successful the Notes exertion (Figure B).

Figure B


Whenever you make a enactment utilizing the Quick Notes feature, it volition look successful a caller sidebar folder called Quick Note.

Using the Apple Pencil, not lone tin you handwrite a note, but you tin besides make lines and shapes that are perfectly drawn. If you gully a enactment with the Apple Pencil, halt and clasp the Apple Pencil connected the surface erstwhile finished, and the drawn enactment volition go perfectly straight. The aforesaid goes for squares, circles, rectangles oregon different shapes you whitethorn privation to incorporated successful your note.

How to construe handwritten substance successful iPadOS 15

New to the Notes app successful iPadOS 15 is the quality to construe handwritten substance into different connection with ease. After you've written your substance utilizing the Apple Pencil successful a caller note, pat connected the substance you privation to construe and resistance your digit to item the selection. Tap again, past pat Translate successful the popover that appears (Figure C). A Translate model volition look allowing you to prime a language, talk the substance successful different connection oregon transcript the translation substance for pasting.

This diagnostic makes usage of the further instrumentality learning and live substance processing successful iOS and iPadOS 15.

Figure C


Translating handwriting is present imaginable successful the Notes exertion connected iPadOS 15.

How to instrumentality a screenshot with the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil tin besides beryllium utilized to instrumentality a screenshot without the emblematic fastener pressing progressive by pressing Power + Volume Up + Volume Down. To instrumentality a screenshot, swipe similar you did to make a note, but this clip from the bottommost near country of the surface diagonally towards the center.

A modular screenshot popular up volition look and let you to people it up utilizing the Apple Pencil earlier yet sharing. This is large erstwhile you're successful a hurry to seizure a screenshot and nonstop it disconnected to idiosyncratic other oregon prevention for later.

How to country swipe preferences with Apple Pencil

With iPadOS 15 and Apple Pencil, you tin alteration the swipe gestures utilized to make a Quick Note oregon a screenshot that was covered above. These gestures tin beryllium easy turned disconnected if you find yourself triggering them accidentally oregon take to usage different app to seizure notes different than Notes.

To crook disconnected the near oregon close swipe gestures with Apple Pencil, travel these steps.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Apple Pencil | (Left oregon Right) Corner Swipe (Figure D).
  3. Select the Off option.

Figure D


You tin crook disconnected the swipe gestures with Apple Pencil successful iPadOS 15, allowing you to customize the acquisition if you don't privation to usage the feature.

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