How To Upgrade Your PS5 Storage – Easy SSD And Heatsink Install Guide

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So you were fortunate capable to bargain an elusive PlayStation 5? Wow, those things are pugnacious to find! However, aft mounting up your caller PS5 and downloading the champion games that the console has to offer, your hard thrust volition rapidly commencement moving retired of space. These next-gen games are massive, truthful we’re present to amusement you however to upgrade your PS5 retention with this casual interior SSD and heatsink instal guide. 

Before we get started, you request to marque definite the interior solid-state thrust you’re trying to instal matches the PlayStation 5’s requirements. From the PlayStation Support page, Sony recommends a PCI-Express Gen4x4 supported M.2 NVMe SSD (Key M) with a work velocity of 5,500MB/S oregon faster and a capableness of 250GB to 4TB. In our past acquisition gathering PCs, we urge retention products from Samsung oregon Western Digital; however, you should abide by the specifications successful the graph beneath careless of which exemplary you buy.

how to upgrade your ps5 storage


SSDs And Heatsinks We Recommend

Sony sent america a Samsung 980 Pro (1TB) for the intent of filming this guide, and truthful far, we’ve experienced large results. Load times look arsenic arsenic accelerated arsenic the console’s main hard drive, and the expanded catalog of games that I tin support downloaded connected my console astatine immoderate 1 clip is awesome. If you’re looking for akin results, I’d urge purchasing a 980 Pro oregon 1 of these SSDs:

Additionally, Sony recommends installing a heatsink to your SSD to support things from getting excessively blistery wrong the console. We urge seeing if the solid-state drive you’re buying comes successful an SKU with a first-party heatsink. In our case, the Samsung 980 Pro requires a third-party heatsink (we were sent this one), but it was casual to assemble. While you tin technically instal the SSD by itself (we amusement you however to successful the supra video), we urge pursuing Sony’s guidance.

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