Horizon Forbidden West Developer Is Hiring For MMO

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Information astir Horizon Forbidden West is comparatively scarce – and for bully reason. The crippled is inactive a ways off, but we’ve been fortunate capable to spot extended gameplay footage and larn astir Aloy’s visual/narrative evolution passim the 2 games. However, according to a caller occupation posting, developer Guerrilla Games mightiness beryllium looking to subdivision retired into much multiplayer-focused experiences. Whether this has thing to bash with the Horizon franchise oregon a caller IP scheduled for merchandise successful the precise distant aboriginal remains to beryllium seen. In immoderate case, the squad is looking to prosecute MMO experts.

According to VGC, 2 occupation postings connected Guerrilla Games’ career webpage basal retired the most: elder societal systems decorator and elder games writer. The erstwhile applicant needs to “[Report] to the Lead Game Designer [and] enactment wrong a halfway squad of aggregate designers focused connected societal systems and subordinate engagements ... prosecute players successful societal interactions to make lasting relationships; wherever compatible players tin make Guild-like groups to research together.” And the second relation mightiness not look instantly unsocial successful immoderate way. Still, a portion of the statement reads arsenic follows: “Possess extended cognition of stories and communicative plan successful open-world RPG games, online games, and MMORPGs.”

Horizon Forbidden West’s communicative takes spot successful a immense unfastened world. We cognize that Aloy traverses a crumbling San Francisco, but immoderate different imaginable cities/locations stay to beryllium seen. Once again, you’ll conflict majestic, mechanical fauna, but Aloy comes equipped with caller tools this clip around. Smoke bombs that stall enemies, sticky grenades, and valor surges – playstyle-adapting abilities connected your accomplishment tree – are a fewer examples of the cogwheel astatine your disposal. If Guerrilla Games does so person plans to bring multiplayer modes to the Horizon series, it would beryllium absorbing to spot however combat changes to enactment large-scale raids oregon tiny parties. 

Horizon Forbidden West drops connected PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 connected February 18.

[Source: VGC via Games Radar]

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