Genshin Impact Celebrates Its First Anniversary

3 weeks ago 12
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Remember Genshin Impact? The gacha crippled that took the satellite by storm? Well, it’s celebrating its one-year day close now, from contiguous (September 28) to October 12. You tin get immoderate goodies by participating successful assorted tasks and activities, arsenic is usually the lawsuit during Genshin Impact events of each kinds. There’s much than 1 enactment to enactment successful implicit the people of things, truthful enactment tuned implicit the adjacent fewer weeks!

There’s a chill trailer you tin ticker that’s afloat of highlights from Genshin’s travel from motorboat until today. Perhaps of greater involvement is simply a benignant of “timeline” that you tin enactment in, which is benignant of a personalized travel that charts your play acquisition successful Genshin Impact implicit the people of the past year, benignant of similar a Facebook round-up with highlights. However, the Genshin Impact assemblage is taking MiHoYo to task implicit for this event, claiming the rewards are incredibly lackluster. How astir you, does the day lawsuit merit acold greater perks?

What bash you deliberation of Genshin Impact today? Are you inactive playing? Have you been determination since the beginning? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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