Gal blasts NRL star's 'ridiculous' fight proposal

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Rugby league large turned boxer Paul Gallen has blasted Manly's Josh Aloiai implicit a disagreement successful magnitude of rounds arsenic speculation continues to swirl astir the imaginable of a showdown betwixt the pair.

Aloiai, 25, has made headlines implicit the past week after helium went nationalist with his bid to get into the ringing with Gallen, 40, who has a nonrecreational grounds of 11–1–1.

Despite precocious losing to Australian boxing prodigy Justis Huni, Gallen has made nary concealed of his tendency to proceed fighting. He precocious signed a woody committing to 3 fights implicit the adjacent 12 months.

Ever since the Huni loss, Gallen, who's go 1 of Australia's apical prizefighters, has indicated connected respective occasions the magnitude of "unbelievable" offers that proceed to travel his way.

Rugby league large turned prima boxer Paul Gallen (Getty)

Now it appears Aloiai could beryllium that adjacent bout for Gallen, but for that to happen, the erstwhile Cronulla Sharks skipper says Aloiai indispensable hold to three-minute rounds and nary less.

"He's (Aloiai) present saying he's lone going to combat 4 two-minute rounds, which is ridiculous," Gallen said successful a video posted to Instagram.

"I fought a combat a mates of years agone with two-minute rounds (against Barry Hall), I'm not doing that again. It's not the close happening to do.

Manly guardant Josh Aloiai (Getty)

"He chased this combat large time... helium said helium would springiness maine a boxing lesson. I said if he's that good, let's combat the combat implicit 8 oregon 10 rounds. He said no.

"Six rounds [three-minute rounds] were agreed upon."

Gallen successful 2019 fought AFL large Barry Hall successful a combat with two-minute rounds, which helium was heavy against astatine the time.

That bout ended successful a draw.

"Here's a feline (Aloiai) 15 years younger than me... talking up a large crippled saying he's going to bushed me. Say he's got much acquisition than maine successful boxing arsenic acold arsenic grooming and sparring goes," Gallen added.

"He's talked up a large game... truthful let's combat the combat properly. Let's bash it decently connected what was agreed upon, which was six three-minute rounds.

"You're getting paid mode excessively overmuch to combat the combat implicit two-minute rounds.

"Do it properly. Don't canine [it]."

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