Former Bush Chief Strategist Matthew Dowd Is Running For Texas Lt. Gov. As A Democrat

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George W. Bush’s erstwhile main strategist Matthew Dowd is moving against Dan “kill seniors with COVID for the economy” Patrick arsenic a Democrat.

Dowd tweeted:

Sisters/brothers, I americium moving for Lt. Gov of Texas. We indispensable region the cruel and craven GOP incumbent. I can't bash this alone. I request your help. We are up against ample sums of money. I anticipation you volition contribute.

— Matthew Dowd (@matthewjdowd) September 29, 2021

Dowd is close astir Dan Patrick. Even successful a Republican Party wherever cruelty is simply a defining feature, Patrick stands retired from the remainder of the GOP pack. Patrick has suggested that seniors were consenting to dice of COVID to assistance Trump’s economy.

Lt. Gov. Patrick has also blamed the dispersed of COVID connected unvaccinated achromatic radical successful Texas, and helium even redefined the explanation of what a  babe is to support Texas’s amerciable anti-choice law.

Patrick is simply a toxic crab not conscionable to Texas but to the American people. Matthew Dowd is simply a Texan that would correspond the existent values of Texas, not immoderate extremist right-wing cultist who is spreading decease and illness for partisan governmental gain.

Texas Republicans passed their latest elector suppression/election rigging measure due to the fact that they are worried. The authorities is changing. The suburbs are getting much and much Democratic.

Democrats person yet to breakthrough statewide, but Matthew Dowd is 1 of those candidates who could assistance to extremity the one-party regularisation Republican stranglehold successful Texas.

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