Fans locked out of Suncorp Stadium for NRL GF

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More than 10,000 summons holders for Sunday night's NRL expansive final volition beryllium locked retired of Suncorp Stadium, aft the Queensland authorities introduced capableness limits for the match.

The authorities has recorded six caller COVID-19 cases, prompting a tightening of restrictions from 4pm today.

Included successful those restrictions is simply a 75 per cent capableness bounds for sporting events, including the expansive last betwixt Penrith and Souths.

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"It's going to beryllium unfortunate for people, and it is sad, but this is the wellness advice," said Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The premier said the expansive last would person nary bearing connected immoderate determination regarding a lockdown for each of the Brisbane area, if that's what main wellness serviceman Jeannette Young recommends.

"None, perfectly none," she said.

"Let maine marque it precise clear, the wellness of Queenslanders comes first, and arsenic soon arsenic Dr Young says we request to determination into a lockdown, we will."

Despite making the announcement conscionable 3 days retired from the match, the premier was incapable to accidental precisely however it would beryllium decided which summons holders miss out.

"You'll person to speech to the stadium and the NRL astir that," she said.

"They tin origin that in. It's going to beryllium disappointing for people.

"My knowing is that the NRL person a method where, I deliberation seats were sold successful stages, truthful it's going to beryllium unfortunate for people."


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