Exoplanet in a triple star system may orbit all three at once

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Space 28 September 2021

By Leah Crane

AArtist's content   of a satellite  adjacent   3  stars

Artist’s content of a satellite successful a triple prima system

Photo by Granger/Shutterstock

Most of the planets astronomers person recovered orbit lone 1 prima – a fewer orbit two, but truthful acold we’ve ne'er spotted an exoplanet that orbits 3 stars simultaneously. Now, researchers person spotted hints of a young satellite with 3 big stars.

These hints travel from a stellar strategy called GW Orionis, which consists of 2 stars orbiting 1 different astatine astir the aforesaid region that Earth sits from the sun, and a 3rd circling those 2 astir 8 times further …

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