A crisp summation successful the deaths and disappearances of migrants astatine oversea heading to Spain’s Canary Islands, on the West African coast, is simply a origin for “extreme concern” the UN’s migration agency, IOM, said connected Friday.

By the extremity of past month, the International Organization for Migration’s (IOMMissing Migrants Project recorded 785 people, including 177 women and 50 children, who had died oregon disappeared this year. 

Frank Laczko, Director of IOM's Global Migration Data Analysis Centre noted that the existent numbers are apt overmuch higher.

‼️ At slightest 785 radical person died oregon disappeared en way to the Canary Islands this year.

IOM is profoundly acrophobic implicit this alarming summation successful deaths and disappearances astatine oversea of migrants trying to scope the islands on the West African coast: https://t.co/WSiXC5C1sp pic.twitter.com/FbJvEtVy5N

— IOM - UN Migration 🇺🇳 (@UNmigration) September 24, 2021

“Invisible shipwrecks, successful which determination are nary survivors, are believed to beryllium predominant occurrences connected this way but are astir intolerable to verify”, he said.

Deadly August

August was the deadliest period successful presumption of documented fatalities – with 379 lives lost – accounting for astir fractional of the full fig of deaths recorded this year, according to IOM.

These figures uncover a two-fold summation compared to the recorded deaths during the aforesaid period last year, when about 320 people mislaid their lives on the Western Africa-Atlantic Route.

Migrant deaths soar

In each of 2020, 850 migrant deaths were recorded connected this way – the highest documented fig of lives mislaid successful a azygous twelvemonth since 2014, erstwhile IOM archetypal began collecting data. 

Even erstwhile boats are reported successful distress, it is hard to find the fig of lives lost.

In the archetypal 8 months of this year, 9,386 people had arrived in the Canary Islands by sea, a 140 per cent summation implicit the aforesaid play successful 2020 (3,933).

Deadly days astatine sea

Survivor testimonies person indicated that these journeys are becoming ever riskier. 

One of 7 survivors from a vessel carrying 54 passengers that drifted for 2 weeks - earlier capsizing adjacent to the Mauritanian coast in mid-August - told IOM that aft 3 days astatine sea, their motor was lost, and they ran retired of nutrient and water.

People were already starting to die”, the subsister said, describing bodies “thrown into the sea” to lighten the load of the boat, to forestall everyone from dying.

“There were radical who looked similar they had gone mad, sometimes they spot each other, they shouted, and they threw themselves into the sea”, she added.

There were radical who looked similar they had gone mad, sometimes they spot each other, they shouted, and they threw themselves into the oversea -- Survivor

Without a trace

Reports of remains washing ashore on the Atlantic seashore oregon often being caught up successful the trawl nets of sportfishing vessels, are further indications of “invisible shipwrecks.”

“The deficiency of concerted efforts to retrieve migrant remains connected this and each routes means that hundreds of families are near bereaved”, said Mr. Laczko.  In the archetypal six months of 2021, the Spanish civilian nine organization Caminando Fronteras, estimated that 36 boats heading to the Canary Islands disappeared without a trace.

Comprehensive effect needed

Conflict and poorness – exacerbated by measures to antagonistic the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with constricted regular migration channels – proceed to compel radical to undertake highly perilous journeys astatine sea.

Ending this senseless nonaccomplishment of beingness connected each maritime migration routes to Europe requires a broad response, enhanced State-led hunt and rescue capacities and pathways for safe, orderly and regular migration”, the IOM authoritative stated.