Cyprus President determined to get negotiation with Turkey process back on track 

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Cyprus has been divided for much than 4 decades, and leaders from its Greek and Turkish communities past met in 2019 at an UN-facilitated league in Berlin

He stressed that there is lone one plan: to scope a settlement on the ground of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with governmental equality, arsenic acceptable retired successful applicable UN Security Council resolutions and successful enactment with the principles connected which the EU is founded.  

“A colony that volition pb to a functional and viable State, without the obsolete System of Guarantees, the close of intervention, the beingness of overseas troops, oregon immoderate benignant of overseas dependencies. A colony that volition arsenic payment each Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, afloat respecting their quality rights and contributing to the bid and stableness of the region.” 

Mr. Anastasiades was 1 of the speakers connected the 4th time of the high-level week of the General Assembly. After being held virtually past twelvemonth owed the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s gathering volition feature “hybrid” activities that volition see leaders successful idiosyncratic on with virtual participants.    

Solution and negotiations  

Mr. Anastasiades said that helium stood successful the General Assembly Hall “representing a state which, regrettably, inactive endures the consequences of the blatant usurpation of the cardinal principles of the United Nations, arsenic a effect of the 1974 amerciable subject penetration of Turkey and the ongoing occupation.” 

He said it was not hist intention “to prosecute connected a blasted game,” but disputed the Turkish assertion that the efforts for a compromise person been exhausted.  

“A compromise becomes adjacent much hard to scope erstwhile caller ideas enactment guardant by our side, arsenic asked by the Secretary-General and successful an effort to determination the process forward, are blatantly rejected,” helium added.  

Among his proposals, helium pointed to a decentralization of the workout of powers, the enactment of a parliamentary strategy with a ceremonial Head of State and rotating Prime Minister and, more recently, an invitation to the Turkish Cypriots to rejoin the authorities institutions.  

A consciousness of disappointment  

The Cypriot president highlighted “a sense of disappointment” among the radical of the world, saying it is caused by “a widening spread betwixt words and deeds, betwixt the auspicious declarations and commitments which are made and the results of the measures that we committedness to deliver.” 

Speaking about major planetary challenges, he argued that a “collective and shared failure” has disappointed “many radical crossed the world, whose cardinal quality rights and dignity are not adequately protected.”  

For him, to lick these problems, here is lone 1 answer: “Multilateralism, tangible solidarity and stronger partnerships, based connected a affirmative agenda.”  

He addressed the contented of clime change, citing the “alarming projections” for his region, and informed that Cyprus undertook a coordinating relation for processing a Regional Action Plan.  

He besides spoke astir the astir caller developments successful Afghanistan, telling Member States they “share a corporate work to uphold planetary humanitarian law, peculiarly arsenic regards the extortion of women and minorities.” 

“We besides request to guarantee that Afghanistan does not go a harmless haven for coercion and extremism, oregon a breeding crushed for organized crime, weapons and cause trafficking and renewed waves of illegal migration,” helium added. 

Lastly, helium argued that global leaders “have much than ever a moral, ethical and governmental work to beforehand the essence of quality civilization, unite our strength to support planetary bid and information and found conditions that tin bring prosperity and payment to all.” 

“I bash anticipation that adjacent twelvemonth we volition beryllium successful a presumption to beryllium arrogant of ourselves due to the fact that we person taken important steps towards fulfilling that vision,” helium concluded. 

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