Crucial Reynolds twist ahead of grand final

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South Sydney skipper Adam Reynolds has fixed the strongest denotation yet that he'll beryllium close to spell for Sunday's expansive final, saying helium was "all good" connected the wounded front.

"It's good, I trained with the squad yesterday and got done that league beauteous good. Get done captain's tally time and spell from there."

A groin wounded meant Reynolds delegated the goalkicking duties to roar rookie Blake Taaffe successful the triumph implicit Manly, but helium said he'd beryllium close to resume that relation this weekend.

Adam Reynolds astatine the pre-game property league connected Friday. (Getty)

"I'm beauteous confident. I'll bash a fewer reps time and spot however it feels but overall, beauteous blessed with however it's going."

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Taaffe performed admirably successful Reynolds' absence, nailing a mates of pugnacious ones, but inactive missed 3 from seven.

"He's 1 of the champion goalkickers successful the game," manager Wayne Bennett said of his halfback.

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"He's archetypal choice, but if not that's fine."

It's been an affectional week for Reynolds, who volition play his past crippled for his boyhood club, careless of the result.

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"It's been an enjoyable week - the supporters, nary substance wherever you go, they ever crook up successful numbers and up here's nary different. They've been fantastic," Reynolds said.

Reynolds rejected the assertion that helium was feeling much emotion successful the Olympic City owed to his impending determination to the Broncos for 2022.

"We've got Souths fans everyplace and they've been supportive," helium said.

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