Congress Races to Avert Government Shutdown, With Biden’s Agenda in the Balance

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Politics|Congress races to avert a authorities shutdown, with Biden’s docket successful the balance.

President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi astatine  the yearly  Congressional Baseball Game connected  Wednesday night. Ms. Pelosi worked the phones from the stands arsenic  she fought to support  the infrastructure measurement  connected  track.
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Emily Cochrane

  • Sept. 30, 2021, 8:18 a.m. ET

Democrats look a consequential time Thursday connected Capitol Hill arsenic they scramble to avert a authorities shutdown astatine midnight and salvage 2 important pieces of President Biden’s home docket imperiled by heavy interior divisions.

With conscionable hours earlier authorities backing is acceptable to lapse, the Senate is scheduled Thursday greeting to instrumentality a bid of votes connected a spending bundle that would support the authorities unfastened done aboriginal December and supply exigency assistance to assistance Afghan refugees and earthy catastrophe betterment efforts crossed the country. The measurement is expected to walk and determination rapidly to the House, wherever it is besides expected to beryllium approved, sending it to Mr. Biden for his signature.

But a planned ballot successful the House connected a $1 trillion infrastructure measure is successful uncertainty amid an intraparty stalemate. Liberal Democrats person threatened to bring down the infrastructure measure unless Congress archetypal acts connected a overmuch larger, $3.5 trillion societal argumentation bundle that includes a immense clime alteration initiative, expansions of wellness care, nationalist education, paid permission and kid attraction programs and an array of taxation increases.

Both are large priorities for Mr. Biden, who invested ample governmental superior successful the infrastructure compromise and has staked his presidency connected enactment of a transformational societal argumentation package.

But centrists person resisted the $3.5 trillion plan, and fixed Democrats’ slim margins of control, determination is presently nary wide way for passing it.

Despite repeated entreaties from Mr. Biden and apical White House officials, 2 important Democratic holdouts — Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia — person refused to specify their bottommost enactment successful negotiations. White House officials had hoped to extract a steadfast nationalist committedness from them this week to yet ballot for the societal argumentation measure, but their efforts person truthful acold proved unsuccessful.

Instead, Mr. Manchin doubled down connected his absorption to the $3.5 trillion bundle successful its existent form, issuing a blistering connection precocious Wednesday successful which helium criticized the ambitions of the measure arsenic the “definition of fiscal insanity.” He did not regularisation retired supporting a slimmed-down version, suggesting helium would beryllium consenting to reverse immoderate elements of Republicans’ 2017 taxation instrumentality and grow immoderate societal programs — but lone if they were taxable to income thresholds to guarantee national assistance lone went to those astir successful need.

White House officials declined to sermon the details of meetings and discussions with senators, which person intensified successful caller days arsenic immoderate Democrats person grumbled that the president needed to play a bigger relation successful ensuring the occurrence of his agenda.

Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for the White House, rejected the criticism, saying Mr. Biden was doing precisely what helium needed to.

“He knows however to marque his case, helium knows however to number votes, and helium knows however to present for the American mediate class,” Mr. Bates said.

But it was unclear, with Republican leaders urging their members to reason the bipartisan infrastructure bill, whether that authorities could flooded wide defections connected Thursday.

“The program is to bring the measure to the floor,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters connected Wednesday, returning to Capitol Hill aft huddling astatine the White House with Mr. Biden and Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the bulk leader. Asked whether she was acrophobic astir the votes, she added, “One hr astatine a time.”

Later Wednesday night, Ms. Pelosi could beryllium seen moving the phones from the stands of Nationals Stadium adjacent the Capitol, wherever Republicans and Democrats were facing disconnected for foundation successful the yearly Congressional Baseball Game. Gesticulating arsenic she spoke into a mobile phone, Ms. Pelosi appeared to beryllium having an aggravated speech arsenic she fought to support the infrastructure measurement connected track.

Mr. Biden besides made an quality astatine the game, wherever helium chatted with Ms. Pelosi and Democrats, visited the Republican dugout and handed retired crystal pick bars.

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