Check Out The King Of Fighters XV's Isla And K' In Action

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SNK utilized Tokyo Game Show arsenic the cleanable signifier to debut the adjacent 2 fighters for adjacent year’s King of Fighters XV. Newcomer Isla and returning combatant K’ articulation the roster of 39 fighters vying to spot who's the champion successful the world. 

As antecedently mentioned, Isla is simply a graffiti creator that is brand-new to the satellite of King of Fighters. She’s intelligibly too-cool-for-school by spending fractional of the clip warring with her hands successful her overgarment pockets, letting her kicks bash the talking. Sure, she busts retired the fists erstwhile indispensable but Isla besides settles for conjuring floating hands to onslaught opponents up adjacent and from afar. Yes, that means she can quite literally throw hands. Watch Isla successful enactment successful the gameplay trailer below.

Meanwhile, K’ (actually pronounced “Kay Dash”) is simply a combatant dating each the mode backmost to King of Fighters ‘99. He’s an augmented quality spliced with genes from KOF’s main character, Kyo Kusanagi. Thus, helium serves arsenic a darker mentation of the series’ poster lad and has the powerfulness to manipulate fire. He’s besides benignant of a jerk. Watch him acceptable his opponents ablaze successful the trailer below. 

King of Fighter XV is acceptable to motorboat connected February 17 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PC.

What bash you deliberation of Isla? Are you excited to spot K’ backmost successful the fold? Share your thoughts successful the comments!

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