Capitol Police Chief Says Lawmakers Have Never Been at Greater Risk of Threats

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Chief J. Thomas Manger, the caller main of the United States Capitol Police, says lawmakers person ne'er been astatine greater hazard of threats against their lives, noting that officers “cannot spend to beryllium complacent.”

We person ne'er had the level of threats against members of Congress that we’re seeing today,” Manger told The Associated Press. “Clearly, we’ve got a bigger occupation successful presumption of the extortion facet of our responsibilities, we’ve got a bigger occupation than we utilized to.”

Officers person responded to over 4,100 reports of threats against members of Congress successful the archetypal 3 months of 2021, Manger said. He predicts determination volition beryllium astir 9,000 threats by the extremity of 2021.

Capitol Police person beefed up information since the January 6 Capitol riot, the time a mob of erstwhile President Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the United States Capitol connected the mendacious premise that the predetermination had been stolen. The caller “Justice for J6” rally was the archetypal existent trial of Manger’s tenure since helium was sworn into his relation successful July. (The rally turned retired to beryllium a bust, with lone astir 100 attendees.)

“We conscionable were successful a presumption wherever we could not let different January 6th,” Manger said to the AP. “And I truly needed to guarantee that the men and women of the Capitol Police section understood that we had the resources we need, the grooming that we needed, the instrumentality that we needed, and the staffing that we needed to guarantee that they could bash their occupation and bash it safely.”

Manger has previously pushed back against attempts to rewrite the communicative astir January 6, saying the onslaught was not a “lovefest” oregon a “normal tourer visit,” a notation to remarks erstwhile President Trump made successful February defending those who attacked the Capitol astatine his behest.

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