Britney Spears celebrates her sons on social media

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(CNN)Britney Spears posted a day tribute to her "very private" sons -- with their permission.

The singer, who shares teens Sean Preston and Jayden James with with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, wrote, "There is thing stronger than the emotion betwixt a parent and son."

She continued: "My boys' birthdays were past week ... and unluckily they are increasing up and privation to bash their ain things," she began. "I person to inquire their support to station them due to the fact that they are highly autarkic small men!!!"

    She revealed the 2 got the "coolest crystal pick cakes" astatine a tiny household party.

      "It makes maine brainsick due to the fact that they are truthful gangly and geez they are inactive increasing !!!" Spears wrote. "They went to a creation past week and I cried for 2 days. my babies successful a suit !!! It's brainsick !!!"

      "There's a batch I can't stock with you each due to the fact that my kids are precise backstage which I emotion but I volition archer you they are some highly talented and I'm truthful incredibly blessed to person these 2 small men successful my beingness !!!" she added. "And if they're speechmaking this ... which I'm beauteous definite they're not ... I emotion you 2 small devils truthful much!!!"

        Sean turned 16 connected Sept. 14, and Jayden turned 15 connected Sept. 12.

        On Sept. 29, the adjacent court hearing successful the ineligible conflict against Spears' estranged father, Jamie Spears, is acceptable to instrumentality place.

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