As Turkeys Take Over Campus, Some Colleges Are More Thankful Than Others

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From California to Minnesota to Massachusetts, turkeys person taken a liking to assemblage life, starring to societal media stardom and crosswalk confrontations.

Marching done  the University of Minnesota campus.
Credit...Jenn Ackerman for The New York Times

Mitch Smith

Nov. 25, 2021, 3:00 a.m. ET

MINNEAPOLIS — They are lounging adjacent to motorcycle racks and extracurricular dorms. They are strutting crossed Harvard Yard. And, yes, they are occasionally fanning their feathers and charging astatine guiltless students.

Across the nation, from the riverbanks of the University of Minnesota to the forests of the University of California, Santa Cruz, chaotic turkeys person gone to college. And they look to similar it. Maybe excessively much.

Once uncommon successful astir of the United States, turkeys became 1 of the large conservation occurrence stories of the past half-century. But arsenic efforts to grow the bird’s scope flourished crossed the countryside, the turkeys besides trotted into cities, laying down roosts successful alleys, parks, backyards and, increasingly, astatine institutions of higher learning.

“College campuses are conscionable perfect habitat,” said David Drake, a prof and hold wildlife specializer astatine the University of Wisconsin, wherever a sizable flock likes to bent retired adjacent apartments for postgraduate students. “You’ve got that intermixing of forested patches with unfastened grassy areas and things similar that. Nobody’s hunting.”


Credit...Bruce Lyon

It is simply a bully beingness for a large bird. At Minnesota, turkeys chomped connected tiny berries adjacent the pupil national this period and strolled down the sidewalk, unfazed arsenic undergrads traipsed past them. Tom Ritzer, the university’s adjunct manager for landcare, said a flock of turkeys, besides known arsenic a rafter, sometimes tore up a planting furniture and caused damage. But different times, excessive turkey foraging alerts groundskeepers to a grub infestation.

“It’s benignant of a blessing and a curse,” said Mr. Ritzer, a 22-year seasoned of the assemblage who said ample numbers of turkeys started showing up successful the past respective years. “I conjecture it’s astir apt amended than coyotes,” helium added.

At galore colleges, the turkeys person go insignificant celebrities. Instagram accounts celebrating the birds person loyal followings astatine Wisconsin, wherever they person been photographed connected playgrounds and successful parking lots, and astatine Minnesota, wherever 1 vertebrate was captured peering plaintively done the model of a Buffalo Wild Wings edifice conscionable disconnected campus.

“It’s similar our field favored almost,” said Amanda Ichel, who on with her classmate Paige Robinson runs the @turkeysofumn Instagram page. Most of the photos they station are submitted by chap students, but lone the champion marque the cut.

“We person dozens of nonstop messages of pictures and videos that we haven’t posted yet,” said Ms. Robinson, a sophomore who said she saw turkeys lone successful zoos erstwhile increasing up connected Long Island and was entranced erstwhile they seemed to beryllium turning up everyplace successful Minneapolis.


Credit...Joe Johnston/Cal Poly

Coexisting with collegiate poultry is not ever easy. At California Polytechnic State University, the field Police Department is occasionally called astir turkeys chasing people. At the University of Michigan, a authorities wildlife serviceman killed a well-known turkey 2 years agone that was said to beryllium harassing bikers and joggers. And astatine Wisconsin, Dr. Drake said astatine slightest a mates of assertive toms were culled aft repeatedly frightening students.

Even for fans of the turkeys, getting chased tin beryllium fearsome.

“There’s an constituent of humor, because, oh, it’s a turkey,” said Audrey Evans, a doctoral pupil astatine Wisconsin who runs @turkeys_of_uw_madison connected Instagram. “But your fight-or-flight instinct kicks in.”

Whether turkeys similar field beingness to different municipality settings is simply a substance of immoderate debate.

Richard Pollack, who keeps an oculus connected the birds astatine Harvard, said turkeys regularly held up postulation successful the streets astir field and person been known to peck astatine the hubcaps of cars. Once, helium said, a turkey made its mode into an world gathering done an unfastened doorway earlier strutting backmost retired without incident.


Credit...Joe Johnston/Cal Poly

But turkeys look to beryllium everyplace successful Cambridge, Mass., location to Harvard, and Dr. Pollack said the birds mightiness beryllium adjacent much ubiquitous disconnected campus.

“I don’t cognize if turkeys are needfully immoderate much abundant oregon if they predominant campuses much than they bash different areas,” said Dr. Pollack, the university’s elder biology nationalist wellness officer. But due to the fact that of the wide-open areas and dense ft traffic, helium said, “people are much prone to spot them” connected campus.

They surely bash spot them. At Sacramento State, an sentiment writer astatine the pupil paper erstwhile wrote a file urging acceptance of the birds. At Fairfield University successful Connecticut, wherever a dormant Twitter account erstwhile chronicled the field rafter, the birds are a point of pride. And astatine Lane Community College successful Oregon, determination is an authoritative field argumentation connected turkeys, namely that “there shall beryllium nary intentional oregon unintentional feeding” of them.


Credit...Jenn Ackerman for The New York Times

There is small ceremonial survey of assemblage turkeys, but connected field aft campus, determination is wide statement that their numbers person exploded successful the past decennary oregon so.

Alex Jones, who manages the Campus Natural Reserve astatine California, Santa Cruz, said helium ne'er saw a turkey arsenic a pupil determination successful the 1990s. Now they are everywhere, sometimes successful groups of dozens: extracurricular eating halls, connected the branches of redwood trees and, rather often, successful streets blocking traffic.

“The funniest happening to maine is that they’ll instrumentality the crosswalk sometimes,” Mr. Jones said.

It makes consciousness that the turkeys consciousness astatine home, Mr. Jones said. The Santa Cruz field includes ample wooded areas and grasslands and it borders authorities forests. The lack of hunters astir apt besides helps.

At Harvard, Dr. Pollack said he, too, understood wherefore the birds kept coming back, adjacent though gathering managers person been known to kick astir the prodigious magnitude of droppings they permission behind.

“If I was a turkey, I’d astir apt find the courtyards and the monolithic Harvard Yard itself to beryllium a truly large place,” Dr. Pollack said. “Lots of food. Lots of things to see.”

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