Arizona Audit Backfires On Republicans And Shows Biden Won

3 weeks ago 9
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An audit of Maricopa County carried retired by Republicans astatine the urging of Trump recovered that Biden won by much than the authoritative count.

The Arizona Republic reported:

The three-volume study by the Cyber Ninjas, the Senate’s pb contractor, includes results that amusement Trump mislaid by a wider borderline than the county’s authoritative predetermination results. The information successful the study besides confirms that U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly won successful the county.


The manus number shows Trump received 45,469 less votes than Biden. The region results showed helium mislaid by 45,109.

Election experts person warned that the fraudit was sloppy and successful usurpation of modular predetermination integrity practices. In different words, Republicans tried to rig an audit to amusement that the predetermination was stolen, and adjacent erstwhile trying to cheat, Trump mislaid by adjacent much votes to President Biden.

The fraudit volition telephone the predetermination “inconclusive” and urge changes to the state’s predetermination laws, according to a draught of the report.

An predetermination that Biden wins is inconclusive but states that Donald Trump wins are legitimate. That enactment of reasoning sums up wherefore Republican claims of fraud are thing much than a governmental instrumentality to undermine ideology and religion successful elections.

Trump and the Republicans tried to manipulate the numbers successful Arizona, and President Biden inactive won.

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